Federal appeals court partially restores New York’s concealed carry gun laws

A federal appeals court has stayed a ruling and will temporarily reinstate parts of New York's concealed carry law

After a judge had blocked certain provisions restricting firearms’ use in public places, a federal appeals court temporarily restored parts of New York’s concealed carry law.

While a legal challenge by a Second Amendment-rights organization moves through the courts, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary injunction.

“Defendants-Appellants seek a stay pending appeal, and an emergency interim stay, of the preliminary injunction issued by the district court on November 7, 2022,” Tuesday’s ruling states. “IT IS HEREBY ORDERED” that a temporary stay be granted while the panel considers the motion.


New York State Governor According to the Second Amendment group, Kathy Hochul was “served humble pie” by a New York District Court Judge last week. A federal appeals court granted a temporary stay to the earlier ruling on Tuesday. (Riccardo Savic/Getty Images Concordia Summit)

On November 7, District Court Judge Glenn Suddaby ruled that New York conceal carry law inflicted “unprecedented Constitutional violations” and issued a partial preliminary order in favor of Gun Owners of America. This injunction forced the state to stop enforcement of certain parts of the law which was signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul in July.

Suddaby ruled that the state can still prohibit people from carrying guns at Times Square, in public parks, libraries, nurseries, preschools, and in public places like Libraries, Times Square, Times Square, and other areas. People with concealed carry permits are now allowed to enter mental hospitals, places for worship, public parks and zoos.

An unsigned sign, zip-tied to an overhead utility pole at the intersection of East 47th St. and Avenue of The Americas, declares Times Square a “gun free zone”. A federal appeals court granted a temporary stay to the earlier ruling on Tuesday. (Karlo Pastrovic/Fox News Digital)

Suddaby’s order was blocked by Tuesday’s ruling.

GOA Senior Vice President Erich Pratt stated that New York had “once again defied both the Constitution and the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision”. “And this brings me just one step closer in standing before SCOTUS where we know Justice Clarence Thomas will be waiting to punish NY lawbreakers again!”

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GOA sued after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier in the year that a state law requiring citizens show “proper cause for self-defense” to get a concealed carry permit was not constitutional. After the decision, New York legislators made modifications to the concealed carry law.

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