FETTERMAN FALLOUT: “Worst Performance by Any Candidate I’ve Ever Seen”

John Fetterman had a difficult night.

Tuesday night’s debate between John Fetterman, Democratic Senate candidate, and Dr. Mehmet O, GOP opponent, Fetterman, seemed to struggle to answer softball questions even with his closed captioning system.

Fetterman must have conversations transcribed to help him understand the stroke he suffered earlier in the year.

Social media was flooded with a furious response, with many insisting Fetterman is not fit and should not be running.

Andrew Surabian, a political strategist, tweeted that Fetterman was being constantly cut off by moderators to protect him. “There is nothing the media can to spin this discussion,” he added. John Fetterman is the most mentally and physically unfit person I have ever seen.

Stephen Miller, a former White House advisor, tweeted: “Just to be clear: that Fetterman WITH weeks worth of preparation and specialized computer assistance throughout.” “So what you just witnessed is the best Fetterman has ever done. This is scary.

“Text from an old-school *Democrat* friend, PA: ‘What they are doing to Fetterman should not be legal. This is clearly abuse. It is insulting to us Democrats to ask for our votes for a vegetable,” tweeted Benny Johnson, a conservative reporter.

“You could see that Fetterman didn’t know where he was when he tried to answer the fracking question. Jack Posobiec stated that he felt sorry for Fetterman in a personal way. He should have sought help from the people around him, and not made to suffer.

“OMG John Fetterman, it’s worse that any of us could ever have imagined. The moderator is now filibustering to ensure he doesn’t get any more questions. @DrOz, that’s four in a row. Even today’s partisan hack media can’t cover for Fetterman being brain dead! Donald Trump Jr. tweeted #PASen

“John Fetterman has a severely impaired ability to communicate. Joe Scarborough tweeted that Pennsylvania voters will talk about this fact, even though many media outlets won’t.”

“This is the worst performance I’ve ever seen from any candidate in any debate. They would have thrown the towel in if this was a boxing match. This is very sad. @JohnFetterman’s campaign should be ashamed of allowing this to happen,” Clay Travis, conservative radio host, said.

Check out some of the highlights from the debate.

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