FETTERMAN STRUGLES: “Send me to D.C. to Take-on–to Make sure I Push Back against Work to Work”

John Fetterman is having trouble getting through his recent campaign events. The public is paying attention.

Fetterman is seen trying to articulate his thoughts in a newly released video. To a cheering crowd, the Keystone candidate said, “Send me in Washington, D.C., to take on–to ensure I push back against work, to work.”

The video was viewed more than 18,000 times on YouTube, and 340,000 times on Instagram on Sunday afternoon.

See the video above.

From The Washington Post :

Republicans, including Fetterman’s opponent Mehmet Oz have made the stroke aftermath central to their attacks on him. Many have pointed out his verbal difficulties, reliance upon closed captioning, and summer absence from trail. Last week, the Republican National Committee shared a video of Fetterman’s verbal blunders with the caption “Does that sound like Fetterman can run for office?” Oz suggested Fetterman may have something to hide. “John Fetterman won’t answer questions from voters. He won’t debate more than once. And he won’t be honest about anything.

Fetterman’s health is now a central focus for both campaigns in the last weeks of one the most important and competitive Senate races in America.

Fetterman’s campaign declined multiple requests to interview doctors and review any updated medical information. Fetterman’s last public medical information came from his cardiologist in a letter on June 3. It explained that the 17-day-old surgery to install a defibrillator was performed to treat an unidentified condition called cardiomyopathy and not atrial fibrillation, as originally claimed by the campaign.

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