FETTERMAN’S WIFE WANTS APOLOGY: NBC Interview was ‘Ableist, ‘ Shouldn’t Have Asked About Cerebrovascular accident

According to The Daily Wire’s report,John Fetterman’s wife Gisele Fetterman is asking NBC to apologize for an interview she felt was discriminatory and “ableist”.

She believes that all stroke talk should be avoided.

comments to The Independent stated that Burns was an “ableist” for noting her husband’s medical records and not providing any update on his recovery. DWreports

“If this had happened in school, if the child was ableist towards another child, or a teacher there would have been issues. She stated that there would have been training. What is the current state of media after a reporter was so openly ableist toward a person?” Although I was shocked and appalled, it is not surprising. It’s clear that there is much more to be done, but I would love to see accountability to make real changes.

34% of Keystone State voters are “extremely, or very concerned” that Fetterman will be unable to perform his duties as Senator. This is 11% more than three months ago.

Gisele Fetterman said, “And I would like to see an apology from her and her network towards the disability community for the damage they’ve caused.” We have received many messages from people saying, “This is precisely why I am afraid to seek accommodations.” This is precisely why I’m afraid of changing jobs because of what your husband has been through. I believe he’s shared what he’s seen, but many people see themselves in him.

From The Daily Wire

While Dr. Mehmet Oz is the Republican Senate nominee, the celebrity cardioologist has been statistically tied in the race to win the open Senate seat. This led both major parties to invest millions of dollars in the race. The Fetterman campaign committed an hour-long debate to discuss Oz on a “major TV station” in Pennsylvania after promising to debate Oz “sometime between the middle and end of October”.

Fetterman said that despite criticisms from his rivals and concerns from voters, he was willing to speak before live audiences to allow voters to determine if he is truly recovering from the stroke. He said, “I feel like we’ve been very transparent in many different ways.” “I believe that’s as transparent in Pennsylvania as anyone can see.”

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