Fire breaks out in historic Massachusetts church built 1743 as crews try to put it out

A centuries-old Massachusetts church caught fire Friday as crews battled to extinguish the fire, authorities said.

A historic church in central Massachusetts was on fire Friday after being struck by lightning.

Spencer Fire Department reported that firefighters were dispatched to the First Congressional Church at 3 p.m. after receiving a report about a fire inside the steeple. The structure was engulfed in flames and smoke.

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First Congressional Church, a historic building in Boston, caught fire on Friday. Firefighters battled the blaze. (Town Spencer, Massachusetts Police Department on Facebook)

The authorities have not stated if any injuries occurred. The causes of the fire are under investigation.

The Spencer-East Brookfield Regional Schools District reported that the church was struck by a bolt of lightning during a recent storm.

According to the church’s website, a wealthy merchant donated land for its construction in 1743. Spencer was not established until 10 years later.

On the site, a bigger church was constructed in 1772. In 1802, a steeple and a bell were added.

First Congressional Church, Spencer, Massachusetts. (Town Spencer, Massachusetts Police Department on Facebook)

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Boston25 reported that the church was destroyed in an 1862 fire, but rebuilt.

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