First Trump co defendant pleads guilty to not guilt in Georgia election case

Ray Smith, one of 19 defendants, is an attorney who represented Trump in Georgia cases related to the 2020 election.

The first defendant, who was arraigned by a Georgia court after the former president Donald Trump and other 18 people were scheduled to appear next week for in the case of state election interference , pleaded guilty.

Ray Smith, a lawyer who represented Trump in Georgia 2020 cases, has waived his September. In a Fulton County court document filed Monday, Ray Smith, an attorney who represented Trump in 2020 Georgia cases, waived his Sept.

Smith, Trump and 17 others were indicted together with Smith this month. They are accused criminal wrongdoing for attempting to overturn 2020 presidential election results from Georgia, a battleground state.

Ray Smith. Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Smith faces 12 charges, including three counts of solicitation to violate the oath of public officers, two counts of false statements, and two counts of first-degree conspiracy forgery. He is also charged with two counts of conspiracy involving false writings and statements, and two other counts of conspiracy involving false statements.

He surrendered on Wednesday, and was freed after posting a bond of $50,000.

Smith’s lawyer said that in a Monday filing, which was first reported on CNN, Smith’s team understood that he would be excused from attending his scheduled arraignment.

Amanda Clark Palmer did not respond immediately to a comment request made Monday night.

According to a judge, Trump and Rudy Giuliani, as well as other allies of former President George W. Bush, will be arraigned on Sept. 6, in 15-minute intervals. According to the schedule, Trump will be arraigned around 9:30 am. The schedule does not specify whether Trump will be arraigned in person or virtually.

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