Florida bans AP Psychology and debates over internet usage by kids: Morning Rundown

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Donald Trump’s arrests and indictments inspire throngs to give small amounts. Wells Fargo reports dozens of accounts under their names, even though the people are not customers. Scientists think they have identified the heaviest creature to ever exist.

What you need to know today.

Trump pleads not guilty to illegally trying the overturn 2020 election

Jack Smith, a special counsel, sat on the front row of a Washington, D.C., federal courtroom, just 10 feet from Donald Trump, and in his line-of-sight. Trump avoided looking at Smith who he has called a “deranged prosecution.”

When asked to enter a plea, Trump stood up and replied “not guilty.” He was accused of criminal conspiracy aimed at subverting 2020 presidential election results in order to keep himself in power.

The hearing yesterday was Trump’s third arraignment of this year. It is still a momentous and unprecedented event in American history, and one of most important tests for the U.S. Constitution.

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Trump spoke briefly with reporters at the airport after the hearing. He said, “This is the persecution of an opponent.” “This was not supposed to happen in America.”

The next hearing in this case will be on August 28. At that time, U.S. district court judge Tanya Chutkan who is overseeing the case expects to announce a trial date. This is what else was said at Trump’s arraignment.

There’s more coverage on Trump’s indictment.

Wells Fargo reports fake bank accounts

In June 2022, Arkansas resident Jay Patterson got a Wells Fargo bank statement that showed $12 on a checking account under his name. He was immediately confused. He said that he had never used Wells Fargo and that he never gave the bank his personal information. He wasn’t alone in the situation. More than 40 customers claim that Wells Fargo opened accounts in their names without their consent.

The bank has previously been involved in a similar case, but what happened with Patterson is a synthetic identity fraud. Gretchen Morgenson, senior financial reporter at the Associated Press, has more information on the mystery accounts . She also explains synthetic identity fraud .

Russian warship damaged by Ukrainian drone attack

After Ukraine used sea drones to attack one of Russia’s key naval bases, a Russian warship appears to have sustained serious damage. Defense ministry claims to have stopped the attack overnight on the Black Sea Port of Novorossiysk. However, the fate of a Russian warship is still in question.

NBC News has obtained footage of a warship resembling Russia’s “Olenegorsky Gornyak”,, being towed to port. NBC News confirmed that the video, which was filmed at Novorossiysk, was the same type of warship as “Olenegorsky Gornyak” using satellite imagery and ship tracking data.

More coverage on the war in Ukraine.

Tennessee State representatives regain their seats

The Associated Press predicted that Justin Jones and Justin J. Pearson would be state representatives again after winning their old seats in the general election. The victories cap off a long battle to be re-elected as state legislators after being expelled from the legislature by Republicans for protesting gun safety on the floor of the chamber in April.

Jones announced his predicted victory shortly after. He said he would push for gun legislation in this month’s Special Session.

Records reveal violent threats made by an Oregon kidnapping suspect to his ex-wife and two children

According to a protection order sought by his ex-wife in 2020, the man who allegedly kidnapped a woman and held her captive in his garage until she escaped made threats against his children and his ex. The woman claimed in her order that Negasi Zuberi “physically attacks me”, “he hits me and throws stuff, he screams and screams to the children and me”. Zuberi took her phone and money, according to the order.

A neighbor of the couple, who lives in Klamath Falls Oregon, reported that she had witnessed unsettling behavior between them and heard Zuberi make “degrading comments” regarding his wife.

Today’s Talker

A new rule to limit the screen time of children…

China is considering a new rule that limits screen time and controls the content of the internet for those under 18. It is important to keep teens from “getting addicted to the Internet.” But who is responsible for protecting them? The answer is a bit controversial.

Political Brief

Immigration : In a major victory for the Biden Administration, an appeals Court allowed a rule that restricts asylum at the border stay in place as court battles over its legality are played out.

Key Biden Witness: An associate of Hunter Biden who told lawmakers that Hunter used the Biden “brand” to protect Ukrainian energy company Burisma, , testified that Joe Biden had not done anything wrong.

Virginia Politics: Republican billionaire megadonor Thomas Peterffy sent his second $1 million donation via wire to Virginia Governor. Glenn Youngkin has launched a “Spirit of Virginia PAC” ahead of a bid to take control of the Virginia legislature.

Staff Pick: What is the heaviest animal on record?

A new study has revealed the Perucetus Colossus. This giant whale lived 40 million years ago, and was believed to have been the heaviest creature to ever live. The study’s author believes that these behemoths may have been as large as blue whales twice their size. You may be drawn to the story by the image of the big whale with the tiny fins. But , the journey that scientists took to identify the previously unknown creature, is also fascinating. — Elizabeth Robinson, newsletter editor

If You Missed it

A woman in Maine aged 87 fought off an attacker at her house , and then fed him when he claimed to be “awfully starving.”

In court documents, Bryan Kohberger was found to have driven alone on the morning and night before four University of Idaho student’s bodies were discovered.

After an otter attacked three women , one of whom was flown to hospital by helicopter, they were all injured.

Texas A&M has agreed to pay $1 million in settlement to a Black Professor who was hired by the university to revive their journalism program, but who then refused to do so due to right-wing criticism.

Florida’s Department of Education effectively banned AP Psychology courses from the state because of the content of the course, which deals with sexual orientation and gender identities.

There will be no charges filed against Cardi B, after she threw her mic into the crowd during her Las Vegas performance after someone had thrown a drink onto stage.

The CDC advisory group voted on recommending an injection of RSV drug to two groups of infants in anticipation of an expected fall spread.

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