FLORIDA FRAME! DeSantis and Rubio win re-election easily defeating their opponents

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist have defeated their Democratic rivals Val Demings and Val Demings. Both GOP candidates had been up in pre-election polls.

From NBC News

The victory of DeSantis over Charlie Crist, former Rep., was fueled by a huge cash advantage, political headwinds for Democrats like Crist, and changing demographics within a reddening State. This contrasts sharply with his win four years ago. He won by less that half a point.

NBC News projects that Sen. Marco Rubio won Tuesday night. This secured his third term amid a statewide Democratic collapse. He beat Democratic Rep. Val Demings.

DeSantis’ red wave was so strong that Florida, for the first-time since Reconstruction is on track to have no statewide elected Democrat. This puts further doubt on its swing state status.

“A big win in Florida is a huge proof point for DeSantis, a strong point for showcasing governing strength and electoral strength,” said David Kochel, a veteran Republican campaign adviser who hails from first-in-the-nation-caucus Iowa. “The fact that DeSantis won 2018 by a narrow margin and is now blowing away Democrats sends an important message.”

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