Florida is battered by Tropical Storm Nicole. 2 people are electrocuted from downed power lines.

Tropical Storm Nicole knocked down power lines, which killed a man and a woman after the two were electrocuted, authorities said.

Authorities said that two people were killed Thursday morning when they came into contact with a downed powerline in Central Florida. The line was damaged in the wake of Tropical Storm Nicole .

According to a news release, Orange County Sheriff’s Office officers responded at 9:30 AM to a call about a man seen lying on the ground at the intersection of Bayfront Parkway & Pershing Avenue.

The deputies stated that the man had apparently gotten out from a vehicle and touched a live power line. The man was declared dead on the spot.

According to authorities, a woman with whom he was travelling was also electrocuted. She died from her injuries after being taken to the local hospital.

Florida Power, Light Co. (FPL), crews work on downed lines. (Christina Mendenhall/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Officials from the state and local governments have asked Florida residents for extreme caution during Tropical Storm Nicole, while they assist with storm cleanup.

Duke Energy reminded everyone not to touch or attempt moving a downed powerline and to assume that all lines are alive.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department stated that “we are asking all of our residents to exercise extreme caution if you are out in the aftermath of the storm today.” Never touch downed power lines. You should immediately change your direction if you see a downed line while driving.

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