Florida man accused of trying to remove woman’s bathing suits at Cocoa Beach, choking her.

A Florida man was arrested after police say he followed a woman into a bathroom at Coco Beach. He allegedly chocked her and tried to remove her bathing suit.

According to police, a Florida man has been arrested for choking and trying to remove a woman’s bathing suit in a public bathroom at Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach Police Department reported that an unidentified female walked into a public restroom in Lori Wilson Park shortly before 5 pm on Tuesday. She claimed that a 31-year old man named William Edward Russell Jr. approached her in the restroom and attacked her immediately.

Russell Jr. allegedly threatening the woman by saying that he has a gun. He then choked her and pushed her to the ground as he tried to undo her bathing suits.

Investigators at the Cocoa Beach police department said Russell Jr. stopped his assault only after people came to the woman’s aid.

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William Edward Russell Jr. is accused of following a woman into a public bathroom at a Florida park, and attacking her.

The victim’s partner tried to hold Russell as 911 was dialed, but the suspect managed to escape and run away, according to the police department.

Soon after, the police arrested Russell Jr. at Cape Canaveral in Florida. He told police that the woman choked herself when he was asked about the incident.

Cocoa Beach Florida. Parking lot and entrance to tourist attractions in Cocoa Beach. (Peter Titmuss/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Records show Russell Jr. had been released from jail less than one week before the alleged attack .

He served 20 days behind bars after police claimed he had followed a woman to her home, peered into her house and then misidentified himself when he was questioned by law enforcement.

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Russell Jr. has been sent back to jail. He is now facing three felony counts, including sexual battery and false imprisonment. He will appear in court on May 16th.

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