Florida mother accused of burglary after allegedly abandoning her children in a burning vehicle.

A Florida woman is facing two felony charges after allegedly leaving her two children in a car that caught fire while she was allegedly shoplifting, leaving one child with first-degree burns, court records show.

Court records reveal that a Florida woman faces two felony charges for allegedly leaving two of her children in a burning car while she allegedly was shoplifting. One child suffered first-degree burns.

NBC News obtained the arrest report of Alicia Moore (24), of Orlando, who was arrested on charges of aggravated neglect of children and arson. According to the report, her car caught fire, trapping both her children, on May 26 while she was allegedly shopping at the Oviedo Mall.

According to the arrest report, Moore left her children in the 2016 Lincoln at noon on that day while she and “an unknown male” went into Dillard’s and spent an hour shoppinglifting. The report says that when she left the store she saw the car “engulfed by flames”. She “dropped the merchandise” as she fled.

According to the report, the car was “completely destroyed” by the fire. Bystanders helped save the child who tried to escape from the car before they were taken to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. According to the arrest report, one child sustained “several burns of first degree” on her face and ears. The children’s age is unknown.

Moore, when interviewed by the police, “stated only biographical information”, and requested an attorney.

Moore was arrested on a warrant unrelated to the incident and charged with arson and aggravated neglect of a child for that day’s May 26 incident. According to her jail record, she also faces charges for petty theft, assault and battery against a person older than 65 in Sumter County. This is about 55 miles west from Orlando.

According to the arrest report, while Moore’s negligence contributed to the injuries of the children, “the fire took place during the commission by Moore of a crime,” thus the charges that she faces.

Moore’s bond was set at $20,000. Her arraignment date is June 27.

She entered a plea of not guilty on Friday. It was not possible to reach her appointed attorney.

The amount of prison time that she might face if found guilty was not immediately known. It was not possible to reach representatives for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office or the Oviedo police department on Saturday.

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