Former neighbor says Oregon kidnapping suspect caused his neighborhood to feel unsafe

A former neighbor of a man accused of kidnapping a woman and holding her captive in a makeshift cell said the man also threatened him by text, which lead to seek a restraining order.

Former neighbor of man accused of kidnapping woman and holding her in a makeshift jail cellsaid that the man also sent him threatening texts, leading to his seeking a restraining orders.

Around August 2022, the neighbor who requested anonymity lived in the same Vancouver Washington cul-de sac as 29-year old Negasi Zumberi.

The FBI has confirmed that Zuberi is charged with kidnapping and has been connected to at least four violent sex assaults across four states. Officials are concerned that he could have more victims.

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Zuberi’s former neighbor claimed Zuberi lived in Washington State for six months, rented rooms out without informing the landlord, had pit bulls running loose, and parked a RV camper on the driveway, in violation of the community rules.

According to a neighbor who did not know the reasons for the visits, the fire and police departments visited the house more than once. The Prairie Park Commons Homeowners Association sent a letter with photos of the authorities at the scene on December 13 and December 17, 2022.

The neighbor who was a member of the homeowners’ association said that he had documented Zuberi’s actions and tried to have Zuberi removed.

The neighbor said that he was intimidating. “I tried to stay away from Negasi and limit communication.”

The neighbor told me that in March, a young couple had moved into Zuberi’s house. He warned them that Zuberi was deceiving potential tenants and taking security deposits by telling them that he owned the property.

According to court documents, the neighbor claimed that Zuberi had sent him a message shortly thereafter, saying, “I am going to f— up.”

The neighbor sought a restraining against Zuberi. In court documents he claims that Zuberi “had previously threatened other neighbors.”

Zuberi filed a restraining against his neighbor a few days later. He claimed to have received a threat message using the n word. Zuberi claimed that the neighbor harassed him as long as Zuberi lived in the house.

The neighbor denies that he used a racial epithet.

Court documents indicate that both restraining order were dropped due to “non-appearance”.

Nachbar said that the neighborhood felt unsafe after Zuberi’s many incidents.

He said, “After that incident we couldn’t enjoy our community any more. It was no longer secure.” “I could not sleep for about six months.”

Zuberi moved from California to Oregon after the incident which prompted his neighbor to seek a restraining orders.

Zuberi, who also goes by “Sakima,” Justin Hyche,” and “Justin Kouassi,” was arrested in Nevada. He was accused of kidnapping and transporting a Seattle sex worker to Klamath Falls in Oregon where he kept her in a cell made from cinderblocks in his garage. Officials say that the woman managed to escape, and she flagged down another motorist for assistance.

A cinderblock-cell in a Klamath Falls home FBI Oregon

The man has been charged with a single count of kidnapping interstate.

Zuberi’s Washington State neighbor was “absolutely stunned” when he heard the news.

He said, “I’ve always felt that something is wrong but not this much.”

Zuberi also allegedly abused, threatened and attacked another woman before she requested a protective order three years ago.

The woman said, “He hits me, he breaks (sic) things and throws them, he screams and screams to the kids and at me. We are woken every night by him being loud and drunk.”

Zuberi’s neighbor said he remembered seeing a woman living at the Washington State home who appeared to travel along with Zuberi. However, he wasn’t certain if this was his partner.

Zuberi’s attorney in Oregon didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry for comment.

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