Former Ohio vice squad officers found not guilty of murdering woman after she was shot while undercover

Andrew Mitchell, a 59-year-old former vice squad officer, has been found not guilty in the fatal shooting of a woman from five years ago. Mitchell was undercover when he shot the woman.

Former vice squad officer found not guilty on murder charges and voluntary manslaughter. The charges stemmed from the death a woman that he shot undercover nearly five years ago.

Andrew Mitchell, aged 59 and a former police officer in Columbus, claimed that he had acted out of self-defense. After deliberating about five hours, the Franklin County jury arrived at its verdict on Tuesday.

Mitchell’s verdict comes a year after his first trial ended with a mistrial when another jury failed to reach a decision. Mitchell will stay in custody as he faces multiple federal charges. He was accused of forcing women into sexual acts for their freedom, and lying to federal agents. He has pleaded guilty to the charges and his trial is scheduled to begin in July.


A judge in Ohio ruled that an ex-vice squad officer acted in self defense when he killed a woman undercover.

Mitchell was charged with murdering Donna Castleberry, 23 years old, as she sat inside his unmarked police car in August 2018. He claimed he shot her in self-defense when she stabbed his hand during an undercover investigation into prostitution.

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Mark Collins, the defense attorney for The Columbus Dispatch, said that Mitchell’s parents were “overwhelmed by the jury’s verdict” and happy to see justice being done in this case. Castleberry’s older sister, Bobbi, McCalla, said the verdict was “miscarriage” of justice, adding that the family thought the prosecutors “did a really great job of proving what type of cop was on that August day.”

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