Four children including a baby were found in the Amazon jungle after their plane crash 40 days earlier

Four Indigenous children missing in the Amazon jungle for 40 days following the crash of their small plane were found Friday.

Four indigenous children who had been missing for 40 days after the crash of their small aircraft were found on Friday.

At a press conference, Colombia’s President, Gustavo Petro said, “They are themselves an example of survivance that will go into history.” “Today, these children are the children who will carry on the peace in Colombia and those of Colombia.”

Petro said that it might take a while for doctors to determine if these children, who ranged from 11 months up to 13 years of age, were in good shape.

Soldiers and Indigenous men tend Friday to the four Indigenous children who had been missing in the Solano jungle in Colombia.

Colombia’s Armed Force Press Office via AP

Petro speculated that their health was frail and they should gradually return to eating prepared food instead of the foods which sustained them in jungle.

He said, “We must look into their mental well-being.”

Lesly Jacobombaire, Soleiny Jacobombaire, Tien Noriel Ronoque, Mucutuy and Cristin Neriman Ranoque were all identified as members of the Uitoto Indigenous Community.

The crash occurred on May 1. The nose-first wreckage was found in the jungle of Colombia more than two months later. Officials said that three bodies were discovered at the crash site. All of them adults, including a mother and two children.

The four were not there.

The authorities hoped that they would be found alive when footprints belonging to one of the children were discovered late in May. The Colombian authorities continue to search for these children by using tracking dogs.

June 1, 202302:15

Petro thanked the military and indigenous communities of the country for the miracle find.

He said that the work done by the armed forces with Indigenous communities, who know jungles better than us, was successful. “Indigenous Communities and the Military found the Children.”

The Associated Press also contributed.

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