FRESH POLL: Texas Rep Mayra Flores Has Higher Web Favorability Among Hispanics As compared to AOC

AOC is not having a great Week.

A poll released this week shows that conservative Texas Rep. Mayra Flowers has a higher net favorability score among Hispanics then New York Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Giancarlo Sopo, media strategist, said that his company teamed up “to conduct a nationwide poll of Hispanic voters for Bienvenido U.S.”

He said that Flores was the first Republican to be elected in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. Flores is also known as AOC by Hispanics.

Similar stories have been cited citing polls showing Hispanics leaving the Democratic Party.

The Political Insider reports that “the poll also found more than 60% Hispanics are concerned by the direction of Democratic Party; 57% support tougher borders security measures and 33% support more oil and natural gas exploration in Texas,”

“Democrats assume Hispanics have a monolithic identity, but we are just as diverse as America,” Orlando Sanchez, founder and CEO of Texas Latino Conservatives said in a statement. “The more we vote for our values, the more Republican we will vote.”

AOC recently had a series of challenging town hall events — many of which her constituents turned out to protest her actions, both in her home district and internationally (votes against Ukraine).

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