GABBARD GOES THERE – Tulsi compares Biden to Hitler at the New Hampshire Rally

Tulsi dropped “H” bombs.

Tulsi Gabbard, a former congresswoman and candidate for the presidency, claimed that President Joe Biden is similar to Adolf Hitler in their “mindset” on how to run a country.

She said this while speaking alongside Don Bolduc, a New Hampshire GOP Senate hopeful, in Manchester on Sunday.

She said, “I’m pretty certain they all believe that they’re doing the best.” “Even Hitler believed he was doing the best for Germany. For the German people. He found a way to justify his means in his own mind.

She said, “So when people have that mindset, well you know we’ve gotto do whatever it takes because, like President Biden stated in Philadelphia, those who supported Trump and those who didn’t vote for him were extremists and a danger to our democracy.

Gabbard said that he had recently quit the Donkeys. He stated that “I cannot longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that’s now under the total control of an elite cabal of warmongers…who divides us by racializing all issues and stoke Anti-White Racism, actively work to undermine the God-given rights that are enshrined within our Constitution.”

Gabbard said that while a run for the presidency in 2024 is not something she is currently thinking about, it is possible.

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