GARDEN TOOL – Joe gets lost in White House Garden after Tree Planting Ceremony

Joe, it’s not your secret garden — it’s your White House Garden!

Soon after the White House tree-planting ceremony on Monday, President Biden seemed disoriented and was looking for his exit. He adds, “What if that’s what I want?”

Staff members were quick to step in and help the President get out of his garden.

One staffer stated, “You can go that route if you wish.”

Another staffer assured him that he could do anything he wanted.

Biden laughs when he meets up with FLOTUS Jill Biden.

See the video above.

From The New York Post

After finishing his speech in Pittsburgh, Biden looked confused and lost.

The commander-in chief, who will be 80 next month, spun around on stage looking for an exit. He found it, then hushed off stage, sounding a bit mumbled.

Biden also confused both his handlers and onlookers as he walked away from FEMA Headquarters during a speech about the devastation caused Hurricane Ian.

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