Gavin Newsom’s team criticizes Ron DeSantis and # 039 What a joke. # 009 Debate proposal

It looks like the possibility of a debate between California's Gavin Newsom and Florida's Ron DeSantis may still be a ways off.

The possibility of a discussion between Florida’s Ron DeSantis and California’s Gavin Newsom — two governors from opposite political ends — is still a long way off.

Newsom’s team criticized DeSantis on Saturday for his proposed rules in their discussion at Fox News.

Nathan Click, a spokesman for Newsom’s office, responded in a press release to the proposal DeSantis sent Fox News host Sean Hannity one day earlier.

Click stated that “Desantis counterproposal has a lot of crutches in order to cover his insecurity and ineptitude – he’s swapped opening statements for a hype video and cut down on the time needed to be up there, added cheat notes, and created a cheering squad.” “Ron ought to be able stand on his two feet.” No wonder Trump kicks his arse.

DeSantis’ team did not respond immediately to a comment request.

June 7, 202302:42

DeSantis, who is running for GOP presidential nomination, told Hannity on Wednesday he was willing to debate Newsom. Newsom is a Democratic Governor with whom DeSantis has often clashed over issues such as guns, abortions, education, and immigration.

“Absolutely. I’m game. Let’s get it done. Tell me when and where. DeSantis agreed to the idea of a debate that was first conceived in June when Hannity had asked Newsom whether he would debate DeSantis.

Newsom sent Hannity a formal offer letter in July. The letter included rules, such as the debate being moderated by Hannity and broadcast live for 90 minutes. Both governors were also not allowed to use notes. Newsom suggested Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina for possible locations.

In a Friday letter to Hannity from DeSantis, the team proposed its own rules of debate that differed from those suggested by Newsom. Here are some of the differences.

  • DeSantis proposed four dates between Sept. 19, and Nov. 8, whereas Newsom suggested two dates in November.
  • DeSantis asked for a split of 50-50 between a live and recorded audience, while Newsom requested “no recording.”
  • DeSantis doesn’t want an opening statement, while Newsom wants both participants to have four minutes.
  • DeSantis suggested that each of them submit a video of two minutes that would be played at the beginning and end the debate. The video must first be approved by Fox News.

Hannity framed Wednesday’s event as “a policy-based debate” between heads of a blue state and a red one, but DeSantis said the debate would be much more.

He told Hannity, “This is the discussion for the future our country.”

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