Georgia man arrested for violent prank involving ‘Ding Dong Ditch: Police

William Raymond Cole was arrested for allegedly choking a teenager in a group that had ding-dong ditched his house on Sunday, police say. He was charged with two felonies.

Police say a Georgia suspect was arrested for allegedly choking an 18-year-old who “Ding Dong Ditched”, his home.

William Raymond Cole was arrested on Monday and charged with felony aggravated assail , first-degree felony child cruelty, and felony felony felony assault . Tybee Island Police Department stated that officers were called on Sunday to investigate a felony assault.

Authorities found that a group teenagers repeatedly knocked on Cole’s front door in a joke. Cole allegedly pursued the teens angrily, and even tried to hit them with his vehicle.

In a press statement, Tybee Island Police Department explained that Cole allegedly chased the kids away from the house before getting in his car to continue the chase. After catching up with the children, Cole allegedly tried to hit them with the car.

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William Raymond Cole was charged with felony assault and first degree felony cruelty against children.

The suspect allegedly then got out of his vehicle to chase them again on foot, before choking a teenager.

Police added that Cole, after catching one of them, is also alleged to choked him until a witness intervened. At that point, Cole fled from the scene.


Authorities warned the public before his arrest that Cole was actively trying to evade law enforcement and encouraged any witnesses to contact their office. The authorities warned that Cole was dangerous and armed.

(Google Maps).

Tybee Island Police Department actively investigates the incident. The police encourage anyone who has information relevant to the case to call them at 912-786-5600.

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