GOOD ONE, Google! Search Engine Labels NYC’s Migrant Center ‘Adams Tent City.’

This is not the way Mayor Eric Adams would want to be remembered.

A report by The New York Post states that Eric Adams, theNew York City mayor, proposed a name for the Big Apple’s new migrant centre, the Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center. This is not the name Google Maps chose to use.

From The New York Post

Google Maps did not label the site as a “Humanitarian Disaster Response and Relief Center”, but instead called it “Adams Tent City.”

This term was found next to the red locator pin that marked the Icahn stadium parking lot. City Hall had planned to unveil it Tuesday afternoon.

The site has three giant white tents that will temporarily house up to 500 migrants.

Two tents are filled by rows of cots; the third has tables and chairs.

Six portable shower units, six mobile bathroom units, and a laundry are available.

It is unclear if the “Adams Tent City” label was selected by Google or a user who chose the location to pin using the instructions on Google Maps to “Add a missing spot” or “Add your company.”

After being contacted directly by The Post, and over three hours after the publication of this report, a spokesperson for Google stated in an email Tuesday evening: “We are aware of the situation. We have removed the listing.”

Since the spring, nearly 20,000 migrants have travelled to the southern border on buses.

Read more at The New York Post:

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