GOP’ s muted midterms shot its House leadership rivalries

A shake-up race for the No. 2 spot in the House Republican leadership could be the answer to their disappointing midterm performance. 3 post as the next leader.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) On Wednesday morning, Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) officially launched his campaign to become the GOP whip in a letter to his fellow Republicans. This was before House control was officially called for their party. Banks’ pitch was that he could unite the conference as it heads into the majority because of his leadership of the largest internal caucus, and his connections to other conservative groups.

“I am running for majority whip for the entire conference.” I am asking for your support, because I want you to listen and be your voice,” Banks wrote. The contents of the letter were first reported by POLITICO.

He may be able to hold on to his chief whip rival, House GOP Campaign chief Rep. Tom Emmer (R.Minn.). The Emmer-Banks fight will likely be a proxy for Republicans’ disappointment at their inability to meet voters’ expectations despite historical and cycle-specific advantages .

Multiple House Republicans are questioning whether Emmer, who made key spending decisions in the battleground races, has a clear path to leadership. This is after their hopes for a red tsunami turned into a probable red ripple. While much could change this week and many things may still be the same, Banks’ Wednesday declaration that he was running for president of the Republican Study Committee spoke volumes about his confidence.

Banks is the first person to announce a whip campaign. Emmer and the current chief deputy whip Rep. Drew Ferguson from Georgia will also be expected to jump in quickly after months of jockeying behind the scenes for the position.

The House Republicans’ most heated and competitive leadership race is the whip race. Members have assumed for months that McCarthy (now-Minority Whip Steve Scalise) would be their next speaker. would be the next speaker and majority lead.

“I don’t know if it’s a consensus, but there seems a lot of opinion Emmer can’t lose the race now,” said a senior House Republican, speaking openly under anonymity. “Colleagues are reluctant to discuss it, and everyone should be…. The people I have spoken to this morning want Drew to support them, and they’re making calls to Emmer to try to find a solution.”

The GOP lawmaker cited lobbyists’ opinions, but these don’t always reflect the realities of lawmakers.

According to a Republican who is familiar with the matter Emmer and his associates have been calling members to make their case for the Minnesotan’s two-time leadership of the National Republican Congressional Committee in gaining seats over the past two cycle. Emmer helped Republicans win the House majority, even though they didn’t win nearly as many seats as they desired.

Given the large number of uncalled races, it is not clear how the House majority will be composed next year.

The race standing of Emmer is under scrutiny. Republicans can’t decide if potential defections would translate into votes for Ferguson or Banks.

“That job is hard. Everyone takes credit when you win. “When you lose, you take all the credit,” another House Republican stated, referring specifically to Emmer’s position at the NRCC. Drew was the one who I believe had a great night.

McCarthy doesn’t like Ferguson, so he has his own problems. Despite being in good terms with his No. 2 despite being on good terms with his No. 3.

Some thought Emmer should continue to get credit, regardless of how large the majority is.

“Not to be rash… They still get credit. If we win the majority, Tom Emmer will get credit and Kevin McCarthy credit. They get credit,” stated Rep. Thomas Massie (R.Ky.), who was at McCarthy’s election-night party Tuesday night.

This is mob rule. He added that if your mob is larger than the other, you will win the lottery.

The No. The race for the No. 3 spot has become a fracas with Tucker Carlson (Donald Trump Jr.) and Donald Trump Jr. joining the fray after the Daily Beast published a story last month in which an anonymous Republican quoted Buckley Carlson, a 25-year-old Banks aide, invoking the Fox News host’s son. While the quote was not clear, Banks’ allies, including Trump Jr., accused him of authorizing his campaign to pursue the young aide. This accusation Emmer and his camp vigorously refuted.

This episode highlighted Banks’ connections to Trump World, which is an undeniable boon since the former president still holds significant power with many of the House GOP nearing what’s likely to be the announcement next week of a third presidential campaign. Other members stated that the outside noise of Trump Jr. and Carlson would not impact their votes for leadership races.

Instead of pointing to votes Emmer took, those lawmakers who claimed they did not plan to support him instead pointed out votes he took that they disagreed. This included his vote to protect interracial marriage and same-sex marriage.

After a night of surprise, a third House Republican said it: “All the calculations changes. “I don’t even know what they are.”

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