GRAHAM SLAM! The Left Will Do Anything To Ruin Donald Trump [WATCH]

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham stopped by Monday night’s Hannity to react to the first day of former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York City; “This is a systematic effort to destroy Trump.

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina senator, appeared on Monday’s Hannity and commented on the first day of Donald Trump’s civil trial for fraud in New York City. “This is an organized effort to destroy Trump,” she said.

“His crime is that he was an excellent conservative president.”

“The left is willing to do anything to ruin him and prevent him from becoming President again. Graham told Hannity that the conservatives should be happy because it isn’t working. “He’s not in South Carolina, but I can tell you that the people of South Carolina are watching him in New York. We’re not letting New York get away.”

Hannity asked, “Senator how do you stop an Judge?”

“He won the primary.” You’re President again. This judge is a joking joke! Who was defrauded?” “Graham says.

Watch Senator Graham in action by watching the video above.

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