GRAHAM SLAMS DEMS: ‘No Bargains on Immigration Until We all Secure the Border! ‘

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R), was stopped by Jesse Watters Primtime to claim that Senator Chuck Schumer pushing for immigration reform in the lame duck session is a political ploy. Democrats never addressed the issue during their majorities, Graham claims.

Schumer gave a press conference Wednesday.

Schumer stated that “We are short of workers and we have a population which isn’t reproducing at the same rate it used to.” “The only way America can have a bright future is to welcome and embrace all immigrants, DREAMers and all.”

Graham, however, isn’t buying the idea.

Graham states that Obama had 60 senators in his Senate, a majority in Congress, and never brought up immigration. “This is a Democratic effort to label us anti-Hispanic. It ain’t going to work. Here’s what I think should happen: I hope Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker sooner than later. We’ve made a huge mistake if the House does not send to the Senate a border security bill from heaven. Until we secure our border, there won’t be any immigration deal. It is only a matter time before a lot of us are killed because of the broken border and the increase in terrorism. Here’s what I have to say to my Democratic colleagues: We won’t make any immigration deals until we secure our border. My Republican colleagues in Congress, please send me a strong border security bill and we’ll get the Democrats to vote in the Senate.

See the video above.

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