Hey, Vivek — “RAP” IT UP! Eminem Bans Ramaswamy From Rapping His Songs On The Campaign Trail

Slim Shady says cease and desist.

Slim Shady orders a cease and desist.

According to a report by The New York PostGrammy Award winning rapper Eminem sent a cease and desist letter to Vivek Ramaswamy’s campaign for the GOP 2024 candidate Vivek after video footage showed the candidate rapping “Lose Yourself”, his hit song, at the Iowa State Fair in early August.

The Daily Mail first obtained the letter that continued, “This letter serves to notify the Eminem Works of their exclusion from the Agreement with immediate effect.”

“BMI will regard any performance of Eminem Works from this date onwards by the Vivek campaign as a material violation of the Agreement for which BMI reserve all rights and remedies in respect thereof.”

Ramaswamy’s performance of “Lose Yourself” was met with mixed reaction but went viral immediately earlier in the month.

A spokesperson for Viek’s campaign told The Mail that Viek “just got on stage and let loose”, following the cease-and desist letter.

To the American people’s dismay, we will be leaving the rapping up to the real Slim Shady.

Ramaswamy is a long-time fan of hip-hop and rap. He even performed under the name Da Vek while he was an undergraduate at Harvard.

The Republican said to the New York Times in early this year, “I didn’t grow up under the circumstances that he did.” “But I like the idea of an underdog and people’s low expectations.”

He said that Eminem was a “guy who in every way wasn’t supposed to do what he did.”

Greg Price, a conservative commentator, was quick to point out how Eminem’s GOP platform may not be in sync with Vivek.

Eminem’s song “Mosh” was released just before the 2004 elections. One of its lines read “No more oil for blood.” He’s upset that the anti-war candidate of the GOP primary sang the song.

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