HI, GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY! The Fetterman Team is ‘Thrilled’ with Performance but Blame Technical Errors For Fumbles

“Hello, everyone.

John Fetterman was not happy with his night, unless he asked his campaign team.

“We were thrilled by John’s performance. He performed admirably tonight, especially considering that he was still recovering from a stroke. John won numerous exchanges, counter-punched aggressively and pushed back against Oz’s cruelty, attacks, and abuses,” Joe Calvello Fetterman’s communications Director, said.

Nexstar, Debate Sponsor, says that there is nothing wrong with closed captioning.

“It is regrettable that Mr. Fetterman now criticizes the closed captioning process employed Nexstar during tonight’s debate,” said Gary Weitman, chief communications officer at Nexstar. “Both candidates accepted the technical setup for closed captioning weeks ago. It was implemented at the request Fetterman campaign. Both candidates had the option to practice with the same equipment as in tonight’s debate twice, but Mr. Fetterman preferred to only do one.

He said that Nexstar’s production crew went to great lengths to ensure closed captioning was effective and accommodated several last-minute Fetterman campaign requests. “The closed captioning process worked as expected during rehearsal, and again during tonight’s debate. We are sorry that Mr. Fetterman’s campaign feels otherwise.”

From Fox News

Human captioning transcribed every word spoken in the moderators’ and Oz’s voices, but Fetterman’s remarks were not included, according to WHTM. The captions were displayed on two monitors of 70 inches, which were placed behind the moderators.

A FOX News poll last month found that Fetterman is leading Oz by 45% to 41% among likely Pennsylvania voter.

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