Honduran illegal immigrant sentenced for lying to border officials in Florida murder of 2021

An illegal immigrant from Honduras was sentenced to 60 years in prison Friday for the killing of a Florida man in Jacksonville in 2021, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said that a Honduran illegal immigrant pretended to be a teenager to get caught by border authorities and was sentenced to 60 years imprisonment for the murder of a Florida man.

Yery Noel Medina Ulla pleaded guilty in the case of Francisco Javier Cuellar’s 2021 death, Florida State Attorney Melissa Nelson stated.

Ulloa, 25 years old, was taken into custody first by Border officials in McAllen Texas, after trying to illegally enter the United States. Authorities were given a false name and date of birth, and he claimed to be Reynel Alexander Hernandez, a teenage. He was released after he was served with Notice to Appear in Court. Prosecutors later said that he was flown to Jacksonville, Florida.


Yery Noel Medina Uloa, an illegal Mexican immigrant, was sentenced for the murder of a Florida man. (Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office)

Nelson released a statement saying that the failure of the federal government to secure our nation’s borders has caused a tragedy in a local community. “This time, tragically it was our community after a illegal alien killed an innocent man. Medina Ulloa is now guaranteed that she will not be able harm any law-abiding citizen by serving a 60-year sentence.

Fox News was previously informed by an ICE spokesperson that Ulloa had a immigration detainer after his murder arrest.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office received a call in October 2021 from witnesses who reported Ulloa’s bloodied body. One witness said that he received a text message and call from Ulloa stating that he had killed Cuellar (a father-of-4 who had taken Ulloa into his home). Ulloa left a trail of blood that led to a house where the front door was unlocked.

During a search of Cuellar’s house, officials found Cuellar deceased on the floor in his living room. He was also a victim of blunt force trauma and several stab wounds. Ulloa was captured by home security cameras and taken into custody.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s office told the New York Post previously that it is investigating Ulloa’s arrival in Jacksonville.

DeSantis’ office stated to The Post that “this horrific crime is just the latest example of how unfettered Illegal Migration costs Floridians lives.”

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