HUGE MAGA: Half the People eventually Five Trump Rallies Have been New, Team Trump Claims

Fox News reports that Team Trump officials claim more than half the people who registered for Trump’s five most recently held rallies in September or October were “first-time attendees.”

One official stated that President Trump had built a huge database of people who registered to attend rallies since 2015. However, more than half the people who register for one of Trump’s rallies are first-timers.

From Fox News

Team Trump data shows that 54% of Trump’s rally attendees in North Carolina and Michigan earlier this month hadn’t been to a rally before. 61% of his Ohio rally attendees were new, 56% in Nevada, and 55% in Arizona were all new. 55% of his Arizona rally attendees had never been before.

The official stated that this means that the president’s rallies not only energize his base but also introduce new voters to his endorsed candidate candidates in critical days before the midterm election. This is the type of energy that fuels huge victories.

The official said that these are people who are less likely than others to vote in 2022 if it weren’t for President Trump’s endorsement and his encouragement to attendees to vote 2022. “Through his rallies President Trump speaks directly to voters who are able to swing close elections during off-cycles.”

Additional information from Fox News:

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