Idaho’s chief police officer vows to solve college murders.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry pledged to solve the quadruple homicide at the University of Idaho on Tuesday, saying that "no stone will go unturned" in the investigation.

MOSCOW (Idaho) – Three weeks after four University of Idaho students were killed, authorities have yet to identify a suspect or locate a murder weapon. However, Chief James Fry of Moscow Police promised to solve the mystery on Tuesday.

“This case isn’t going cold. Tips are coming in. Every day, investigators are out interviewing people. Fry stated that we are still reviewing the evidence and looking at all aspects. “I stated early that no stone would be left unturned. And I stand by that statement.”

Moscow Police Chief James Fry speaks at a Nov 20 press conference regarding the unsolved murders of four University of Idaho seniors. (Derek Shook for Fox News Digital)

The Nov. 13 murders are being investigated by law enforcement officers from Idaho State Police and Moscow Police Department. They include Madison Mogen (21), Kaylee Goncalves (21), Xana Kernodle (20), and Ethan Chapin (20).


The investigation has resulted in more than 2,600 tips by e-mail, 2,770 tips by phone, and 1,084 submissions of digital media.

Initial statements by investigators that the murders were an “isolated and targeted attack” were incorrect. They changed their mind on this last week. The police reversed their course a day later, claiming that it was targeted.

Split photo of the crime scene and victims. This includes University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin (20); Xana Kernodle (20); Madison Mogen (21); and Kaylee Gonnalves (21). (Angela Palermo/Idaho Statesman/Tribune News Service via Getty Images/Instagram/ @kayleegoncalves)

Police identified the victims of an apparent quadruple homicide at University of Idaho as Madison Mogen and Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Kaylee GonCalves. (Moscow City Police Department/Instagram)

Kaylee’s father Steve Goncalves intends to hire an attorney in order to force the police to release additional information.


“They’ve made a million mistakes. Steve has no experience so I can’t say it. He doesn’t know. He’s just a dad, who woke up one morning and saw his life turn upside down,” Steve Goncalves told Fox News.

On Monday, November 21st, 2022, state police forensics searched Moscow, Idaho for clues. This house was home to four University of Idaho students who were killed on November 13. (Derek Shook for Fox News Digital)

The investigation continues, leaving the college town of 25,000 reeling. 25-40% have decided not to return to campus.

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Just before noon on Nov. 13, the victims were found fatally stabbed in a three-story residence located just blocks away from campus. Police believe they were attacked after returning from a night in Moscow between 3:00 and 4 a.m.

Tips can be submitted by calling 208-883-7180 or submitting through email [email protected].

This report was contributed by Rebecca Rosenberg and Audrey Conklin of Fox News.

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