IGNORE IT, STACEY! Record Early Voting in Georgia, Abrams Continue to Screaming ‘Suppression’

The Hill reported Tuesday that Georgia broke its record for early voting.

“Monday, 131 318 ballots were in-person. According to a release by the Georgia secretary-of-state’s office, 70,849 votes were cast in person on the first day for early voting,” The Hillsays.

“The turnout numbers may calm some concerns about voter suppression after Republican-led Georgia passed restrictive voting laws last year. However, it is still not known what the demographics are of the voters.”

The data doesn’t change the concerns of Stacey Abrams. She’s still shouting about voter suppression and using bizarre shark analogies in order to get Georgians excited.

Abrams stated that “We are about making history,” during a recent campaign event. “Yesterday, we had record early voting turnout. Yes, it’s important …[ but that doesn’t mean voter suppression isn’t possible. It’s like saying that there are no sharks in the water due to more people getting in. “We know voter suppression is alive in Georgia,” Abrams states.

See the video above.

Abrams claimed that she was a target for voter suppression in 2018.

From NPR

Inskeep spoke with the Democratic nominee for governor. She said that when she went to vote last month a poll worker told her she had requested an absence ballot. However, she couldn’t vote in person. Abrams said that she had never requested an absentee ballot and that she was able to resolve the issue quickly after speaking with the manager of the site.

“I did it quietly. Abrams stated that she didn’t make it a big conversation as it was just about getting through the process. She said that she kept the scandal under wraps as “I wasn’t trying to embarrass anyone but I wanted it fixed.”

Abrams, who has a Yale Law School degree, said, “But it was also emblematic of the privilege that I enjoy.” “I know the law. There are thousands, if not millions of people in Georgia who don’t know their rights and shouldn’t have the luxury of waiting in rain for four hours in line with their children. They shouldn’t worry about losing their jobs to exercise their democratic rights to vote for their leaders.

Stacey, is that suppression?

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