Illinois brothers charged after robbing more than $1 million from armored truck, ATM near Chicago: prosecutors

Corrie and Darrell Singleton, two brothers from South Holland, Illinois, are now facing federal charges after an alleged heist outside of Chicago, prosecutors say.

Two brothers from Illinois face federal charges for “robbing more that $1 million from an automated teller machine and armored truck” in Chicago on Halloween. The announcement was made Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Illinois.

Corrie Singleton (21), and Darrell Singleton (18) of South Holland were charged. Prosecutors released surveillance and witness photos of a suspect with a gun to Brink’s head outside of a Lansing bank, where the alleged robbery took place. A third juvenile suspect was taken into custody and charged by an Illinois state court.

The attorney’s office stated in a statement that the robbers took approximately $121,824 from the ATM and courier, and $904,132 from an armored truck.

According to the office, the incident occurred around Halloween at 10:45 am. A Brink’s security messenger was refilling an ATM at a bank on the 16700 block Torrence Avenue in Lansing.


One of the suspects is seen holding a Brink’s courier at gunpoint outside a Lansing bank on October 31. (U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of Illinois).

“Robbers brandished handguns, stole a gun from the courier and a bag full of money from her ATM,” the attorney’s Office stated. They then “forcefully dragged the courier inside the armored truck and ordered that she open the inner compartments and give them money bags.”

The trio fled the scene in a car with officers, according to prosecutors. The vehicle crashed into another car close to Interstate-80.

According to prosecutors, cash and a firearm were found in the vehicle of the suspect after he fled the scene.


According to the attorney’s office, “Corrie Singleton was arrested and much of the stolen cash was recovered from their vehicle.”

The armored truck of Brink is seen with one of the suspects. He was allegedly “holding a firearm and an extended magazine.” Investigators later found the sweatshirt that the suspect was wearing. They were following the trail in which Darrell Henderson fled law enforcers on foot. (U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of Illinois).

Darrell Singleton has been placed under arrest. Prosecutors added that the brothers face charges of robbery and bank larceny with assault as well as firearm offenses. If convicted, they will be sentenced to a minimum of seven years in federal jail.

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