Illinois man sentenced for his role in shooting that wounded 7 children, including a boy paralyzed.

An Illinois man was convicted for his role in a shooting that injured seven people, including a young boy who was paralyzed. DeAngelo Higgs has been sentenced to 182 years in prison.

A man from southern Illinois has been sentenced for 182 years imprisonment. He was involved in a shooting at a grocery store, which left seven people injured, including a young boy paralyzed.

After DeAngelo higgs’ August conviction for seven counts of attempted murder, aggravated battery using a firearm and other charges, a St. Clair County judge has sentenced him to this week.

Madison’s Higgs was one of three defendants in the September 2021 shooting that left seven people injured at a East St. Louis store. Mason Mitchell was also among the victims. In the shooting, two other defendants were also convicted.


Marquisha Collins was Mason’s mother and had stopped by the East Side Meat Market to get dinner for her children after work. When gunfire broke out, bullets hit her car.

A man from Illinois was sentenced to 182 year imprisonment for his involvement in a shooting that left seven people injured.

Mason was in the backseat with his brother, 8 years old, when he was hit by at least one bullet. He was paralysed and forced to use a wheelchair.

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Marquisha Collins stated to the court Monday that she was fired from her job because of the shooting. Her family had to look for housing that would suit Mason’s needs, and purchase a vehicle that can accommodate him. The Belleville News-Democrat reported that Collins also told the court that Mason was disabled and that her family needed new housing.

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