In a second attack on a Russian tanker, Ukrainian drones have hit the vessel.

A Russian tanker under U.S. sanctions was hit by Ukrainian drone near a strategic bridge in the Kerch Strait that links Russia to the annexed Crimean peninsula, Kremlin officials said Saturday.

Officials from the Kremlin said that a Russian tanker, which was under U.S. sanction, was struck by a Ukrainian drone in the Kerch Strait near a strategically important bridge connecting Russia with the Crimean Peninsula.

In a Telegram message, the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport of Russia said that the “Sig” had a hole near the waterline “on the starboard side” – presumably caused by a drone attack at sea. It added that there were no injuries.

A source from Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) told NBC News the SBU “blew up a Russian Federation oil tanker” in a joint effort with the Navy.

The source claimed that the tanker “transported fuel for the Russian soldiers,” adding that the vehicle was fully loaded, and that “the fireworks” could be seen far away. They also said that TNT and a surface drone were used to launch the attack. NBC News was unable to verify the claims.

A video broadcast by Ukrainian television, and shared on social media by several officials, showed a drone approaching the tanker. It then struck it. The video cuts off before the explosion can be seen. NBC News could not independently verify the video.

SBU chief Vasyl malyuk replied to the attack via Telegram. “Any explosions which happen on the ships of Russian Federation or the Crimean Bridgeis a logical and effective move in relation to the enemies,” he said.

He added, “If they want to stop the explosions, the Russians should leave the Ukrainian territorial waters.”

Oleksiy Danilov appeared to also refer to the attack. This came after the security services of his country claimed they had conducted a drone strike against a Russian Navy ship.

“With every new combat mission, Ukrainian combat UAVs, and naval drones, become more accurate. Operators are more experienced. Combat coordination is more effective. And manufacturers have opportunities to improve their tactical and technical qualities,” he wrote in a tweet.

Aug. 2, 202300:53

Vladimir Rogov, an official with a Russian installation in Zaporizhzhia, in southern Ukraine, reported on his Telegram account that the glass from the tanker had slashed several crew members. He said the tanker was supplying oil to Russian troops in Syria.

Rogov uploaded photos of what he described as the interior of the tanker, which was strewn with office furniture and had ceilings damaged.

Later, the Russian Novorossiysk Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, cited by RIA Novosti as saying that two tugboats were nearby and working on recovering the Sig. The ship was no longer leaking water, the statement said. The statement also added that there was no fuel spill, as the ship carried only technical ballast.

According to the Russian authorities who have been installed in the area since 2014, Russia illegally annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine.

The U.S. has sanctioned a tanker, and its owner Transpetrochart of St. Petersburg, a marine cargo company, for supplying jet fuel to Syria in 2019.

Since July, when Moscow pulled out of a deal that allowed the safe exportation of Ukrainian grain, both Russia and Ukraine have intensified their attacks on the Black Sea.

Ukraine conducted a sea-drone strike against a ship in the vicinity of the Russian Black Sea Port of Novorossiysk on Friday. Russia claims to have stopped a larger attack on the port by destroying drones with ships guarding its outer border.

Videos circulating on the internet showed that the Olenegorsky Gornyak – a Soviet-era battleship – was being towed to the port following the attack, after an Ukrainian intelligence source claimed it had been damaged.

NBC News confirmed that videos filmed in Novorossiysk showed the same type of warships as the Olenegorsky Gonyak using satellite images and marine ship tracking data.

Russian drone attacks on the port cities Odesa and Izmail resulted in significant damage to and fires within facilities that are key for grain exports.

Odesa, an important cultural and seaport has suffered a series of strikes over the past few weeks. Dozens of drones have been used to target sea and riverports.

Ukraine is a major supplier of wheat and corn as well as vegetable oil, and other agricultural products that are important for the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia, where there are high food prices, and people suffer from hunger.

Although the country can export via road and rail to Europe, these routes are more expensive than those that go by the Black Sea. They have also caused divisions between nearby countries.

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