In Nashville, three children and three adults were injured in a car accident that involved a sacrament.

Police in Nashville are investigating a multi-vehicle crash involving a private school bus and a WeGo Bus that collided just before 7 a.m. on Tuesday.

According to local and state reports, a school bus and WeGo Bus collided head-on on Tuesday in Nashville. The crash injured at least three children as well as three adults.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department reported that there were 10 children on the Republic Charter School bus at the time of the collision with the WeGo Bus, just before 7 am in Elm Hill Pike.

The Nashville Fire Department informed that three children were transported to Vanderbilt’s Pediatric Hospital. Additional details about their age or injuries weren’t immediately available.

Police said that the driver of the WeGo bus was hospitalized for serious injuries, but is in stable condition. No other serious injuries have been reported.


At the time of crash, 10 children were aboard the Republic Charter school bus. Three children were treated at a hospital, and the rest were reunited to their parents.

The multi-vehicle accident also involved two SUVs. The driver and passenger in one SUV were treated for minor injury at a local hospital, while the driver of another SUV refused to be treated.

Local media reported that the remaining children on board the bus were not injured and reunited to their parents.

Police said that two SUVs were also involved with the multiple-vehicle accident in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday morning. Two of the victims sustained minor injuries, and a third refused to be treated at the scene.

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It is unclear what led to crash.

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There was no immediate update.

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