Indiana Police arrest 2nd suspect in July shooting at block party that killed 1 and injured 17

A man was arrested in connection with a block party shooting that left one person dead and 17 others wounded. He is the second person to be arrested in connection with the crime.

The police arrested a second suspect Monday for a shooting that occurred in July at a block party in central Indiana, which left one dead and 17 injured.

Muncie Police said that the 29-year old man was arrested for preliminary felonies, including criminal recklessness with deadly weapons and being a violent felon who is in possession of firearms, in relation to his alleged involvement in the July 30, 2017 shooting.

As of Monday evening, the Muncie man was not officially charged with the shooting.


This is the second arrest in relation to the shooting that occurred while hundreds of people attended the Block Party in Muncie about 60 miles northeast from Indianapolis. Joseph E. Bonner III was killed. 18 other people were injured including a woman that was run over while fleeing the scene.

A second person has been charged with the shooting at a block party in Muncie, Indiana that resulted in one death and seventeen other injuries.

Police announced on August 1 that John L. Vance Jr. was arrested in connection with the shooting. He is charged with two counts of criminal recklessness, aggravated assault and aggravated battery.

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Authorities have stated that the shooting happened while police was calling the owner of the venue to shut down gathering. Police said Bonner was at the party.

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