IRS agent seeks whistleblower protections in Hunter Biden tax investigation

An IRS special agent said to be involved in the federal investigation into Hunter Biden's taxes is seeking whistleblower protections to provide sensitive disclosures about the probe to Congress.

A special IRS agent who is said to be part of the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes has sought whistleblower protection to give sensitive disclosures regarding the probe to Congress.

Mark D. Lytle is a lawyer representing the IRS employee who was not named. In a letter sent to a group of bipartisan lawmakers on Wednesday, Lytle wrote that he represented a “career IRS criminal supervisory special agent” who had been supervising a sensitive and ongoing investigation of a controversial and high-profile subject , since early 2020 , and wanted to provide protected whistleblower disclosures.

Although Lytle didn’t name Biden, a source who was familiar with the issue and confirmed the authenticity of the document said that the investigation in question referred to the federal investigation into the finances President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

The letter has been reported previously by CBS News, and Wall Street Journal.

Lytle said that the IRS special agent was prepared to give information which would “contradict the sworn testimony of a senior political appointee to Congress,” expose failures in handling “clear conflict of interest” and detail cases of “preferential treatments and politics improperly affecting decisions and protocol.”

Lytle’s office and the Treasury Department didn’t immediately respond to comments. The Justice Department, IRS and IRS declined comment.

This story is in progress. Please check back often for updates.

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