Is Kate Forbes’ Christian Faith A Career Killer?

Scottish National Party figure was a near-cinch to be its next leader. Then her Presbyterian beliefs came out The post Is Kate Forbes’ Christian Faith A Career Killer? appeared first on The American Conservative.

A British friend texted me after the abrupt resignation of Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the separatist Scottish National Party. He was concerned about Kate Forbes (pictured above), the young minister in the government who was her favorite replacement. My friend said that Forbes is very talented and might be able lead Scotland to independence.

This seems unlikely right now. Why? Why? Because Kate Forbes (32 years old) is a Presbyterian. Her views on trans issues — she opposed the idea that men can be females simply because they claim to — are well-known. When she was asked about her views on same-sex marriage in Scotland, she said that she did not agree. She stated that she was against it because of faith, but she said that it is a settled issue and she wouldn’t seek to reverse it if she were elected leader of the SNP. She said she believes having children outside of marriage is a bad idea. You can watch the entire interview here.


It was that simple. Now she’s History’s Greatest Monster. Kathleen Stock, a distinguished academic and lesbian, was expelled from her college because she was gender-critical. Forbes defends her in UnHerd. Excerpts:

Forbes’s words were seized on because they support adherence to another type of modern dogma: The rainbow religion propagated in the name the amorphous LGBTI+ people. This is similar to Christianity in that it centers on the figure of a holy, innocent outsider who is beset by hatred, but turns the other cheek and frees people from their traditional lifestyles by living an example.

It’s not only the belief that you can reinvent your self at any moment, but it is also a fundamental tenet of this value system. In modern Britain, LGBTQI+ people continue to be actively persecuted. There’s no way to know who, under what circumstances or what those letters actually stand for. This is a simple story that hundreds of third-sector and public organizations and businesses are investing in. Some of them actually make a lot from it. Employees have spent thousands of hours listening to bogus statistics about the persecution of gay and trans people. There is so much national investment in seeing LGBTQI+ people as oppressed at this point that it is difficult to even raise a question.


In practice, however, nobody who criticizes her knows if Forbes is a homophobe. One other easy equation that religious people who are committed to victimhood of LGBTQI+ people make is that any objections to liberalisation must be grounded in some form of “phobia”. As with everyone else, Christians can be kind, generous, and compassionate, as well as bigoted nutcases. There are many shades of grey between.

Forbes will not be given the benefit the doubt. It would be a waste of a rare opportunity to perpetuate the myth that LGBTQI+ people in Britain are always a hair’s breadth from being maliciously destroyed. Even though the Equality Act explicitly protects gay and trans people, millions of pounds roll into charity funds, entire classes change their pronouns to delight their teachers, and gay men rule entertainment television.

What we have is a clash between two religions, as I said. The one that is full of moral scolds and sanctimonious, wide-eyed moral scolds is trying to indoctrinate everyone into their amazing way of thinking. One is Calvinism, while the other is a Calvinist branch. One asks, “What would Jesus do?” while the other asks, “What would Owen Jones think?” When faced with the choice of their representatives on Earth, I can choose which one I prefer to see in high offices.

Killer closing! Prof. Stock is a great advocate for a Christian politician.


What is happening to Kate Forbes reminds me of what I feared would happen to small-o orthodox Christians on public life (orthodox, I meant on sexual matters): They would be marginalized and demonized even though they are not a threat to the LGBT community. It’s enough that they believe the Wrong Thoughts(tm). To drive them out. Keep in mind the Law of Merited Impossibility. It states, “It won’t happen” and that when it does, the bigots who made it possible will be punished. People like me were called alarmists back in 2006. We were asked: “How can my gay neighbor’s marriage hurt me?” People who didn’t want to know the answer. The fate of Kate Forbes is the answer. It was in the cake right from the start. Why? Why? It doesn’t matter how you explain sexuality and gender apart from race. Nobody wants to hear it. Stock knows that the success of the LGBT lobby is dependent on everyone believing the lie about LGBT people being sent to camps by Christians in a society fast becoming the most secular.

In 2015, a friend of mine who is an Evangelical pastor told me that he would invite him to preach in churches and tell them that he was about to come in the day when they would all be compared to Klansmen because they believe the Bible’s sexuality teachings, which was what most Americans believed up until yesterday. He stated that they couldn’t believe him. They couldn’t believe him. I explained to him that I felt the same feeling back then. Both he and I spent a lot time living among liberal elites and we both understood their mindset. Normie Christians couldn’t accept the fact that this would happen to their country.

America will experience what Kate Forbes experienced. It has already happened to some degree. You might ask yourself, would anyone believe what Kate Forbes believes, be able rise to the top of the Democratic Party, even though she is a strong advocate for its economic policies and even if it were true that she wouldn’t support any political action to end same-sex marriage? No. Although there might be Olds at the top of the Democratic Party, they don’t say anything, they downplay the idea. In twenty- or thirty years, the real question will be whether it’s possible to be Kate Forbes in Republican form.

This is a religious conflict. Tolerance is not what the other side wants. They have never done so. Even those who support tolerance and are sincerely committed to it remain at the margins. It is a movement that takes scalps. We on the conservative side are being cursed by normie Republicans Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence and Larry Hogan who all criticize Gov. Ron DeSantis was accused of violating “small government conservatism” by going after Woke Conservative behemoth Disney.

Kate Forbes was not one to believe lies and that could have cost her her political career. This is how life looks in post-Christian Britain. Evangelical Christian Tim Farron, was forced to resign as leader of Liberal Democrats in Britain, after he hesitated about his views on homosexuality. Although he later stated that he did not believe gay sex was sinful but it wasn’t enough. It was a damning sign that he was not able to answer the first question. Please, no Christianity. We’re British.

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