Israel arrests settlers following rampage in Palestinian village that leaves one dead

Israeli police said Saturday that they arrested two Israeli settlers after they stormed a Palestinian village in the West Bank in a rampage that left one Palestinian dead.

Israeli police announced Saturday that two Israeli settlementswere arrested after they attacked a Palestinian village on the West Bank , resulting in one Palestinian’s death.

Palestinian health officials reported that armed settlers killed Qusai Mattan, 19, after they entered Burqa a village of herders east of Ramallah late on Friday.

Israeli media reported one of the arrested settlers who was not named, had worked as an aide to a lawmaker from the far right Israeli “Jewish Power Partywhich belongs to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition of ultranationalists and ultraorthodox parties within the Israeli parliament.

It includes Itamar Ben-Gvir a hardline settler advocate known for his anti-Palestinian views.

No one could be reached to comment on the party.

The police said that they had arrested two settlers, after holding five people for questioning. After being injured on Friday night, the other settler arrested was taken to hospital. Authorities have not provided any further details on the charges.

According to the army, Israeli settlers were herding sheep in the area when clashes broke out between Israelis and Palestinians. The army reported that both sides hurled stones at each other and Israelis shot at Palestinians. Matai was killed and four Palestinians as well as several Israelis were injured.

31 July 2023 04:47

The village was shut down, and more Israeli soldiers were posted in the surrounding area.

Officials from the Palestinian Authority said that the settlers had also set fire to two cars in the village. The Palestinian officials also demanded that the perpetrators be punished.

The violence has escalated in the northern West Bank, with an increase of shootings by Palestinian groups and daily arrest raids conducted by the Israeli army.

This is the worst outbreak of fighting between Israelis & Palestinians for nearly 20 years. According to The Associated Press, more than 150 Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire since the beginning of 2023 on in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Israel claims that most of the dead were militants. However, innocent bystanders and youths who threw stones in protest at army raids have also been killed.

In the first six months of this year, Palestinians have killed at least 26 Israelis.

Israel captured the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast War. The Palestinians want those territories to create their independent state.

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