Jan. 6th rioter, who was accused of encouraging the mob members to steal police guns.

Samuel Lazar, a Donald Trump supporter and Jan. 6 rioter was scheduled to be sentenced on Friday, according to a source familiar with the proceedings.

WASHINGTON — According to a source familiar, Samuel Lazar was to be sentenced Friday. He was accused of encouraging his fellow rioters, Jan. 6, to steal officers’ guns and assault officers with pepper spray.

Lazar attracted more attention because he attended an Rudy Giuliani-hosted party featuring Doug Mastriano, former Pennsylvania governor candidate. His photo was also featured on the FBI’s Capitol Violence website looking for the identities of Jan. 6 protesters.

NBC News spotted Rebeca Lazar (Lazar’s sister) who accompanied him to Washington D.C. Jan. 6th, with his family members. According to the source, Lazar’s case was heard by Judge Amy Berman Jackson. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

A defendant may agree to a sealed sentencing if they are willing to cooperate with the federal government.

Lazar was taken into custody more than a decade ago, the same day officers testified to the Jan. 6 committee. He was placed in pretrial. Since the summer 2022, there has been no additional activity in his case. Until recently, a federal prosecutor filed a notice to appear.

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