January 20, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrat party is tight at the hip with the FBI and the Department of Justice, who has ignored a massive collection of evidence on the Biden crime family.

Friday’s Mark Levin Show showed that the Democrat party was tight with the FBI, Department of Justice and FBI, who have ignored a huge collection of evidence about the Biden crime family. Biden believes he doesn’t have to worry about being charged with anything. This is the problem because there has been a coverup from day one. Israel’s leftist leaders hate Benjamin Netanyahu because he is conservative. The Israeli Attorney General is also abusing her power by considering him unfit for duty. She is very close to ordering Netanyahu to take leave of absence due to an ongoing criminal case. This is an extremely tyrannical, out-of-control court system in Israel. This is the worst court in all of the free world, no matter how bad it gets. Under the Biden administration, the word equality was somehow replaced by the word equity. The Biden administration’s definition of equality is totalitarianism and tyranny without liberty. It is impossible to have Critical Race Theory while also living in a colorblind community. There is a fundamental shift taking place in the principles that this country was founded. The federal bureaucracy is being used by radical Marxist Democrats to control us, brainwash our children, and change the society. We may not yet feel all the effects of what the Marxist Left has done in this country.

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There are over 1,400 cases of election fraud that have been proven, and this is just the beginning

Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP

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