JD VANCE TAKES TIM {THOMAS|JONES|JOHNSON|RYAN HUFFMAN|R. HUFFMAN} TO THE WOODSHED: ‘You’re Thus Desperate Not to Have a Genuine Job, You’ll Slander Our Family’

On Monday night, a hostile race became even more hostile when Tim Ryan, the Ohio Democratic Senate candidate, tried to confront JD Vance, the GOP challenger author for spreading the “great substitute” theory –a white supremacist far-right conspiracy.

“This great substitute theory was the motivation for the shooting at Buffalo. The shooter had all these wonderful replacement theory writings that J.D. Ryan stated that Vance agreed with Ryan.

Ryan was then unloaded by Vance.

Vance stated, “Here’s exactly how it happens when the media or people like Tim Ryan accuses me of engaging in great substitution theory.” “What happens is that my children, my biracial kids, are attacked online and in person by scumbags because you are so desperate to get political power that they will accuse me of racism. It is sickening. It is possible to believe in a border but not be racist.

He said, “I know that Tim has been in office for twenty years and I understand it’s a nice job, but you are so desperate to not have a real career that you’ll slander both me and my family.”

See the video above.

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