Jeremy Strong, the creator of ‘Succession,’ was ‘terrified when he tried to jump in a river while filming the last scene

“Succession” creator Jesse Armstrong told NPR’s “Fresh Air” that he was “terrified” when Jeremy Strong spontaneously tried to jump into the Hudson River while filming Kendall Roy’s final scene on the Emmy-winning HBO drama series.

Jesse Armstrong, creator of “Succession”, admitted to a new NPR “Fresh Air”, interview that he was “terrified”, when Jeremy Strong tried to spontaneously jump into the Hudson River during filming Kendall Roy’s final scene in the Emmy Award-winning HBO drama Series.

Strong revealed this tidbit during a Vanity Fair article published following the series finale of “Succession”, which aired May 29.

“I was terrified. Strong said, “I was terrified he would fall in and get hurt.” He didn’t seem like he would jump in. Once he had climbed the barrier, there were a lot more health and safety checks made. That was not what we planned that day.

31 May 2023 01:58

Armstrong continued, “If we had even thought about that, we would’ve had boats, frogmen, and all sorts of safety measures. We didn’t.” “My first thought was about his physical safety, and not the character. It was what I felt that day. Good Lord, above.”

In the final moments of “Succession,” Strong’s Kendall is alone in Battery Park, and without control over his family’s media empire. Tom Wambsgans is the new Waystar chief executive officer following the purchase of the company by GoJo. Kendall’s life purpose has been taken away. The show fades to black, with Kendall staring blankly ahead at the river. But Strong tried to go further.

Strong said to Vanity Fair that he tried to jump into the water once the film was cut. “I got up off the bench and ran as fast as I possibly could over the barricade and onto the piles. The actor playing Colin raced by,” Strong explained. Strong told Vanity Fair, “I didn’t know that I was going to do that and he didn’t know. But he raced over, and stopped me.” In that moment, I didn’t know if Kendall wanted to die – I believe he did – or if he just wanted to be saved essentially by his father.

30 May 2023 01 16

Armstrong said that although Strong believed that Kendall was considering suicide at that moment, he did not believe that the character had done so.

“For me, no. Armstrong stated, “I think that for me, Kendall at the end of the day, he is lacking even the freedom to decide his own path in life.” The name and wealth surrounding him — for many of us, it’s obvious that it appears extraordinarily lucky, and it is. He will never be able to escape the tragedy of having a name like Disney, Windsor, or being a Disney. He can’t avoid that by having a bubble around him. Even if he contemplates it, I do not think it will ever happen. “But for me, it’s not how the story goes with this type of person.”

Armstrong commented on the final shot of Tom and Shiv, which shows them holding hands in the back seat of the limo.

Armstrong stated, “For me, it was an equalizing moment.” “Chilly equality is a bit frightening, but it’s equality. This has never happened before in this relationship. Tom has been subordinate. He has this new status, but it is not permanent. This is what this whole episode was about. Shiv is in the same situation as all other kids — secure. In a financial sense, it’s safe. She has millions of dollars. She is a woman of great wealth, which will never decrease no matter what happens to the world. She also has a unique name that will haunt her for the rest her life and keep it interesting to some degree. Tom’s job could be removed with a click of the fingers.”

He added: “For me, it’s an incredibly frightening equality, a dry hand-on-hand that is remarkable.” “It isn’t even human contact. It’s like two porcelain pieces or something. That’s how it looks to me. This is not what everyone would think. You could certainly see this as a clever strategy by which Shiv stays in the game. Perhaps she will think of it tomorrow or the next day. “But for me, I’m done with the show and the story. That’s how I see them ending up.”

Max now offers all four seasons of the “Succession”.

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