Joe Biden (Again) Pledges He Won’t Stop Until ‘Assault Weapons’ Are Banned

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden took to social media again to promise he would not stop pushing for a ban on assault weapons.

Biden has repeatedly referred to his pledge to ban “assault arms” throughout his presidency.

Breitbart News reported one his recent mentions that he wanted a ban was on August 26, 2022 when he suggested “assault weapons would be banned” if Democrats win two more Senate seats.

Washington Post quotes Biden as saying: “I want to make it crystal clear what’s on this year’s ballot…Your right of choice is on this year’s ballot. You can vote for the Social Security benefits you have paid since you were employed. Safety for our children from gun violence is on ballot.

Later, he added that “If we elect 2 more senators, then we keep the House… we’re going get a lot unfinished business done.”

Biden pointed out that banning assault weapons is part of Democrats’ unfinished business.

Biden expressed concern about semiautomatic firearms being sold in America on September 18, 2022.

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