Joe Biden grabs a young girl’s shoulders and tells her ‘No Serious Guys until You’re 30.’

Joe Biden seemed to be a bit too intimate while taking pictures with a young girl (and her friends) on Friday.

The president leaned over to grab the shoulders of the girl and said, “Now, a very crucial thing I told my daughters/granddaughters: ‘No serious men until you’re 30’.”

The unidentified girl laughed nervously and said, “Okay.” A woman in the background could also be heard saying, “At minimum.”

Kaden D’Almeida, who filmed the moment, was stopped by a secret agent from filming any further after the president offered his awkward advice to the young girl.

The meeting took place at Irvine Community College, Irvine, California. There, the president offered remarks about lowering inflation, and pharmaceutical drug prices.

The president has given the same advice for dating to younger people before.

Biden was visiting elementary school students in Philadelphia when a young girl informed him she was nine years old. After that, Biden replied, “The only thing you should remember is no serious men until you’re thirty years old,” Breitbart news reported.

Breitbart News has documented that Biden has a history of making unflattering remarks to women and having unpleasant public encounters.

Biden visited a Haitian cultural centre in Miami during the presidential campaign in October 2020. He told a group young girls that they had just performed a traditional dance and that he would like to see them “see them dancing when their four years old.”

Former Vice President of the Democratic Party Joe Biden and Jill Biden chat with dancers as they visit Little Haiti Cultural Complex on Monday, October 5, 2020 in Miami. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The president said to one veteran, during a speech to honor military personnel last year that his daughter looked “19 years old, sitting there with him — like a little girl with her legs crossed,”

Biden, as vice president, was also seen in camera, appearing to smell young children’s hair during swearing-in ceremonies for congressional members.

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