These aren’t necessarily the reassuring words Democrats desired to hear.

President Biden was interviewed by Jonathan Capehart, MSNBC, over the weekend. He was asked about his age (Joe will turn 80 next month), and the concerns of voters regarding his fitness for office.

“I believe it’s legitimate to be concerned about any age, even mine. Biden stated that he believes it’s completely legitimate. “I believe the best way to judge is to watch me. Do I slow down? Do I, don’t have the same pace?

Biden said, “You know, you could be, but I respect fate.” Biden said, “I could get a virus tomorrow, and I could, you’d guess, die tomorrow.” However, my energy level and ability to accomplish what I want, I believe people should ask themselves if they still feel the same passion. If they believe I do, and that I can do it then that’s great.

See the video above.

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