Joe knows Jill is a moron, Jill says

Joe knows Jill is a moron, Jill says

According to a report, Jill Biden, the first lady, attacked White House staffers following President Biden’s second solo media conference in January. Her husband kept asking questions while Jen Psaki, then-press secretary signalled to him to end it.

At the Jan. 19 news conference, President Biden was quizzed about his handling the COVID-19 pandemic and tensions between Washington & Moscow over Ukraine. He also discussed the supply chain crisis that caused a shortage in goods throughout the country.

After the presser, which lasted for approximately two hours, Jill Biden went to a meeting with top White House officials, who were discussing the performance of the president, the New York Times reported.

After President Biden failed to end his January 2nd solo press conference, Jill Biden, first lady, attacked White House staffers.
AP Photo/Morry Gash Pool

According to the outlet, she pointedly asked the group (including the president) why no one intervened to stop it. This was according to an individual who was present in the room. “Where was the person she demanded to stop the news conference?”

According to the Times, the first lady is a popular surrogate for President Trump ahead of the midterm elections. She has been protective of her husband, and she even participated in the hiring of White House staffers and press assistants.

The president was answering questions from a prearranged list of reporters at the January press conference for approximately an hour. Psaki, clad in a striking pink blazer, stood up to try to end the proceedings.

According to the first lady, the staff should have stopped Biden at the end of the presser, according to her.
EPA/Oliver Contreras / POOL

The president continued to question Psaki, prompting him to get up about 20 minutes later to walk 50 feet to a door just outside the seating area.

Shortly after, Biden asked his audience, which was reduced to 30 reporters by the pandemic but did not ask them to follow social distancing guidelines, how long they wanted him continue. Biden looked at his watch and said he would go on for another 20 minutes, but he actually lasted about half an hour.


Jill Biden lashed at WH staffers because they didn’t stop Joe’s solo presser. Report

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