JOE KNOWS: Whistleblower Docs Claim Joe Was ‘Aware’ and ‘Potentially Involved’ in Hunter’s Shady Dealings

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According to FBI whistleblower documents, there is “voluminous evidence” related to Hunter Biden’s criminal business dealings. There is also strong evidence that Joe Biden was aware of Hunter’s business arrangements.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley (R.IA) wrote Monday morning to AG Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray. The letter detailed new whistleblower claims that the FBI has “significant, significant and voluminous evidence in respect to possible criminal conduct by Hunter Biden or James Biden.” Weiss is responsible for the Hunter Biden investigation.

“The FBI documents include specific details regarding conversations between non-government persons relevant to possible criminal conduct by Hunter Biden,” Grassley wrote.

“These documents also suggest that Joe Biden knew Hunter Biden’s business arrangements, and may have been involved,” Grassley stated. He said it was unclear whether the FBI used normal investigative procedures to determine truth and accuracy of information or shut down investigation based on improperly disinformation claims in advance the 2020 election.

“It is also not clear whether U.S. attorney Weiss has done his own due diligence regarding these and related allegations,” Grassley wrote.

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