JOE, THAT Enjoy Biden Claim He Received Loan Cancellation Passed ‘By a Vote or Two’

This is a funny gaffe.

Biden appeared to claim that he had student debt cancellation passed during a recent sit-down with NowThis Make your Mark. It was passed with a few votes.”

Congress never passed Biden’s plan to cancel student debt.

From Fox News

This boast is especially embarrassing as the administration is claiming that it did not require congressional approval. This claim is likely to be challenged in the next phase of litigation. This could also be a sign of a moment of clarity in his subconscious mind. It may indicate a vague recognition of the Constitution principles he used to defend as a United States senator.

Biden’s half-trillion dollar loan giveaway raises significant constitutional issues. This acknowledgment was made by one court that had ruled against the challengers on grounds of standing. Problem is that courts cannot reach the merits this unilateral executive action without someone who has standing.

Watch Biden’s gaffe over

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