Joran van der Sloot Case: Dutch officials tell prime Natalee Holladay suspect to fight the transfer, lawyer says

Officials from the Dutch Embassy in Peru are advising that Joran Van der Sloot fight the scheduled transfer to the United States, according to his lawyer.

According to his attorney, Dutch officials have advised Joran Van der Sloot not to accept his transfer from Peru to America, where he faces federal charges related to an alleged plot to extort money.

Van der Sloot, the primary suspect, is responsible for the disappearance of Natalee Hollay, a Mountain Brook High School senior from Alabama, in Aruba in May 2005.

Maximo Altez is van der Sloot’s lawyer. According to De Telegraaf (a Dutch newspaper), officials from the Dutch Embassy in Peru met with his client on Monday. They advised him to challenge the imminent transfer to the United States at court.

Van der Sloot’s emergency passport has not been signed by his lawyer, according to the lawyer.


Joran van der Sloot of the Netherlands (C) is escorted at the police headquarters, Lima on June 5, 2010 by Peruvian officers. Chile deported Van der Sloot to Peru on Friday. He is wanted for the murdering of 21-year old Stephany Flores, in Lima. His case has also been connected to the 2005 disappearance in Aruba of a teenage American girl. (Reuters/Pilar Olivares )

Altez confirmed that he spoke to Dutch media outlet Fox News Digital about his comments.

A spokesperson from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign affairs told Fox News Digital that “We can’t comment on individual cases.”

The Netherlands cannot interfere with the local legal system of another country. The spokesperson stated that we provide consular support, including visits, for all Dutch citizens in detention abroad who request it.

Altez filed an habeas corpus against the Peruvian Government on Tuesday to try and stop the transfer.

Altez claims that van der Sloot was not notified of the “temporary” extradition process against him by Peruvian authorities. This is considered a “serious violation” of the Constitution.

According to Fox News Digital, the lawyer informed Fox News Digital, the Peruvian courts has 24 hours from the date the petition was filed to respond to it.


Joran Van der Sloot (L), escorted on an aircraft by police officers in Santiago, June 4, 2010. Van der Sloot was expelled from Chile for being arrested twice in 2005 over the disappearance a U.S. college student in Aruba. He will now be handed to Peruvian authorities, where he’s a suspect in a murder investigation. (Reuters/Danny Alveal)

A man directs Dutch national Joran van der Sloot to his seat in front of the court in the Lurigancho Prison in Lima, January 11, 2012. Van der Sloot – who was arrested, but never charged, in the 2005 disappearance on Aruba of Natalee Holloway, an 18-year old Alabama native – has now told police that he murdered 21-year Stephany Flores, a business student, after meeting her at a Lima casino. His lawyer says he may plead guilty to murder charges in exchange for a lesser sentence in an offer made on Wednesday. (Reuters/Pilar Olivares)

According to Col. Carlos Lopez Aeda of Interpol Lima in Peru, van der Sloot is scheduled to be temporarily sent to the United States by the FBI on Thursday.

In the United States, the Dutch national faces charges of extortion, wire fraud, and attempting to sell Beth Holloway information about the location of Natalee’s body. Early May, the Peruvian government decided that he will be temporarily sent to the United States in order to face these charges. He will then return to the United States once he is sentenced.

Van der Sloot, according to federal prosecutors, asked for a total of $250,000 – $25,000 for information upfront and the remainder when Natalee’s body was positively identified.

According to American prosecutors, van der Sloot told John Q. Kelly (the lawyer for Beth Holloway) that her daughter’s remains could not be found.


Jun 18, 2005, Birmingham, AL, USA (FILE PHOTO). NATALEE HOLLOWAY (18) with her date, HENRY ENSIS, in Mountain Brook, Alabama, on May 13, 2005. Holloway disappeared on May 30, while traveling to Aruba for a 5-day senior trip with over 100 classmates and 7 adult chaperones. Mandatory Credit: Courtesy Beth Twitty/ZUMA Press Photo (!(c), Copyright 2005 Courtesy Beth Twitty

Natalee Hollay was last seen in Aruba on a Mountain Brook High School senior trip.

Van der Sloot, a 21-year old woman who was murdered in 2010, is now in a Peruvian jail. Van der Sloot had been sentenced to a 28-year prison term for the murder of 21-year old Stephany Flores in 2010. However, more time has been added because he was implicated in a drug smuggling scam while incarcerated.

Natalee’s body has never been found. Van der Sloot admitted to the murder of Flores in January 2012. Natalee Holloy died that month.

JORAN van der Sloot has fans ‘all over the world’ who send NATALEE Holloway suspect hundreds of dollars per month: Lawyer

Natalee Hollay, 18, and her date Henry Ennis, before her senior prom, Mountain Brook, Alabama, on May 13, 2005. Holloway disappeared on May 30, while on a 5-day senior trip in Aruba with over 100 classmates and 7 adult chaperones. (Courtesy Beth Twitty/ZUMA Press)

He is currently in the Ancon 1 Prison, Lima. His transfer to the United States will take place on Thursday.

Lopez Aeda stated that “he is already in the Ancon 1 Prison of Lima, awaiting his transfer to the USA.”

Beth Holloway said in a statement to Fox News Digital, when the transfer was announced of van der Sloot, that justice could finally be done.

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Beth Holloway fights tears while she takes part in the Natalee Holloway resource center launch on June 8, 2010, in Washington, DC. Holloway founded the non-profit resource center with the National Museum of Crime & Punishment to help families of missing people. Beth Holloway’s daughter Natalee was the Alabama teenager who went missing five years ago on Aruba. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty images.

“I am blessed to have Natalee as a part of my life for the past 18 years. As of this month I have not seen her in exactly 18 years.” Beth Holloway stated that she would be 36 now. It has been a long and painful road, but persistence will pay off. Beth Holloway stated that together, we will finally bring justice to Natalee.

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