Judge in upstate New York rules that the suspect in a wrong driveway shooting will be kept in jail.

The homeowner accused of fatally shooting a 20-year-old woman when an SUV she was in turned into the wrong driveway in upstate New York will remain in jail, a judge ruled Wednesday.

FORT EDWARD The homeowner accused of shooting and killing a woman aged 20 when her SUV turned into the wrong driveway upstate New York, will remain behind bars, a court ruled on Wednesday.

Kevin Monahan (65), appeared in Washington County Court four days after , he allegedly shot at a Ford Explorer while standing on his porch, when a group four friends realized that they had pulled into the wrong drive and were leaving their home in Hebron. This was about 50 miles north from Albany, Washington County Sherriff Jeffrey Murphy informed reporters.

One of the shots struck Kaylin Gilis, a aspiring Marine Biologist. She was declared dead several miles from the scene after the group dialed 911.

Monahan has been arrested for second-degree murder. He was charged on Sunday afternoon and pleaded not guilt.

April 18 2023 00:43

Kurt Mausert – Monahan’s lawyer – asked Adam Michelini to set a low bail amount for his client. He said that the purpose of bail was to ensure Monahan’s participation in criminal proceedings, and not impose an undue burden.

Michelini, however, ordered Monahan to be held without bail. Blake Walsh, Gillis’ boyfriend, and others cheered the decision.

A neighbor told Associated Press Monahan was increasingly upset by people who made wrong turns in his driveway.

In an Exclusive Interview with NBC News Tuesday night, Walsh stated that he was looking for a gathering along with three other passengers — his girlfriend and two friends — when two shots were fired at them.

He said, “We thought that we were at the correct address.” We didn’t use our cell phones to find out. We started to leave as soon as we realized we were in the wrong place. That’s when it all happened.

Walsh, 19, from Cambridge, New York said that what happened next was a blur.

img alt=”Blake Walsh & Kaylin Gilis.” height=”800″ src=”https://media-cldnry.s-nbcnews.com/image/upload/t_fit-760w,f_auto,q_auto:best/rockcms/2023-04/230418-Blake-Walsh-Kaylin-Gillis-1×1-ac-942p-ec5a5f.jpg” width=”800″/>
Blake Walsh Courtesy Blake Walsh

He said: “My friend told me, ‘They are shooting! Go!’ I tried stepping on the gas as quickly as I could and then the fatal shot was fired.”

Mausert declined to provide details about the shooting. However, he did tell NBC News, before the hearing on Wednesday, that “there were errors made by the drivers, and mistakes made my client.” I cannot elaborate until I complete my own investigation. I am currently in the process. “And until I receive material that can be discovered from the district prosecutor’s office.”

He stated that Monahan did not have any bad intentions and that it is human nature to demonize people when tragedy strikes.

Mausert stated that if the situation is one of error and not malice, there is no villain. “I think this was a case where there were a confluence and a perfect storm of mistakes that led to a tragic outcome without malice intent.”

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