July 14th, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden federal government was guilty of suppressing the speech of American citizens and conservative ideas, silencing topics like COVID, the Hunter Biden laptop, and the 2020 presidential election.

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden federal government was guilty of suppressing the speech of American citizens and conservative ideas, silencing topics like COVID, the Hunter Biden laptop, and the 2020 presidential election. A circuit court reversed a decision today despite the U.S. government acting like an Orwellian ministry of truth, and the reversal gives the Biden administration the green light to continue censoring political opponents. This censorship case is one of the most important in our lifetime because this is a monumental overstep of executive power and beyond the Constitution. What the Biden Administration has been doing across the federal bureaucracy and imposing on social media sites is exactly what a totalitarian regime in China or Cuba have done and would do. Also, Kevin McCarthy is getting a lot done as Speaker of the House, but we have another problem because Democrats in New York are looking to redistrict and remove Republican seats and return majority control of the House to Hakeem Jeffries and the Democrats. Meanwhile, the Marxist Democrats seize on topics like transgenderism to push their woke ideology and call anyone who opposes an extreme MAGA Republican.  Later, Ukraine is the first part of a much bigger war for Russia and China, and they need to be stopped now before it’s too late. The George McGovern Republicans in Congress are ignoring the proof of what is going on and we need to prepare for it now before our kids and grandkids are killed. At the same time, Democrats want Iran to have nuclear weapons and are continuing what they started under Obama.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811. Hello. 877-381-3811. Well, it’s been all over TV, so I won’t spend all day on this. But it is a major event. When you have a serial murderers killing at least ten people. Uh, abuse them sexually, apparently torture them real sicko. As an architect, what have I told you, Mr. Producer? What have I told you? America never trust the architects. Oh, I didn’t. Well, you get the point. And so this guy has a really big pig. Rex Hillerman. And if he’s been charged in these four cases. But there’s many more. Of these sex workers, I guess prostitutes. They’re all young women. I think they’re under 25. And they’ve been looking for this guy for a very, very long time. And technology is an amazing thing. This guy’s a big, fat slob. So what does he do, Mr. Reducer? He leaves pizza and pizza boxes on the side of the road. Near where he murders and buries these women. And just. It’s horrendous. Obviously, it’s fantastic police work, obviously. And it’s a horrendous thing when you lose a daughter this way. First they go into this. Prostitution. And then they are. Sexually tortured and abused and slaughtered. The horrible thing. And now this is where he’s arrested. And I love the defense attorney comes out and says, my client says he’s innocent. Wait a minute. Are you kidding me? That’s shocking. Your client says he’s innocent. And not only does he say he’s innocent, he uses an innocent. Oh. So that DNA. How did that happen? It was planted there, no doubt, by a white supremacist. This guy’s dead as a doornail. The problem is, he’s not dead. Isidora Now, because it’s New York, you don’t have the death penalty anymore in New York. Dear Mr. Produce. And that’s the problem with getting rid of the death penalty, in my view. That is. This guy. Should be put to death. Of course, he’s innocent until proven guilty. I’m sitting here thinking. You realize. On. I miss LSD and the Constipated News Network. The rest of the media in America, they actually hate Donald Trump more than they do this mass murder. Do you realize that? Mr.. It is. But that’s the situation there and we’ll keep an eye on it as it as it develops over time. These things take a long time. For a defense to get their act together and each case and so forth and so on. And do keep in mind, the government only has to convict on one case to get a life. Now, excuse me, Colorado, to get a life sentence. I wanted to start the program off. Was something that’s upbeat. And different. No, not belly dancers. Upbeat and different. I’ve never understood this belly dancing thing either. I mean, and I don’t even know what you see it on TV. People dance around with their belly out. Is that attractive to you, Mr.. No. I just like your belly. Okay, Whatever. Justice Scalia. Now on the issue of American exceptionalism to a Senate Judiciary Committee in October 2011. This is so important because I’m going to move from this new decision by a panel on the Fifth Circuit involving the district judge’s decision in Louisiana. Stopping the government called in its track. The government that has been involved in the greatest destruction of the First Amendment and promotion of censorship in American history. Now we’re going to dig dig into this. But first, to set the stage. You don’t need me. How about the late, great Antonin Scalia creating go? I think it’s even a little more fundamental than the one that Stephen has just put forward. I asked them, who What do you think is the reason that America is such a free country? What is it in our Constitution that that makes us what we are? And I guarantee you that the response I will get and you will get this from almost any American, including the woman that he was talking to at the supermarket. The answer would be freedom of speech, freedom of the press, no unreasonable searches and seizures, no quartering of troops in hope. Those marvelous provisions of the Bill of Rights. But then I tell them, if you think that a Bill of Rights is what sets us apart, you’re crazy. Every banana republic in the world has a Bill of Rights. Every president for life has a Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights of the former Evil Empire. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was much better than ours. I mean, it literally it was much better. We guarantee freedom of speech and of the press. Big deal. They guaranteed freedom of speech, of oppressive street demonstrations and protest. And anyone who is who is caught trying to suppress criticism of the government will be called to account. Whoa. That is wonderful stuff. Of course, just words on paper. What? What our framers would have called a parchment guarantee. And the reason is that the real constitution of the Soviet Union, we think of the word constitution. It doesn’t mean, Bill, it means structure. Say a person has a sound constitution, the sound structure, the real constitution of the Soviet Union, which is what our framers debated that that whole summer in Philadelphia in 1787. They didn’t talk about the Bill of Rights. That was an afterthought, wasn’t it? That constitution of the Soviet Union did not prevent the centralization of power in one person or in one party. And when that happens, the game is over. The Bill of Rights is just what our framers would call a parchment guarantee. Such a rare genius. And so well said now. Listen to this. Cut 19 go. Sometimes I go to Europe to talk about separation of powers, and when I get there, I find that all I’m talking about is independence of the judiciary. Because the Europeans don’t even try to divide the two political powers, the two political branches, the legislature and the chief executive. In all of the parliamentary countries, the chief executive is the creature of the legislature. There’s never any disagreement between them and the and the Prime minister as there is sometimes between you and the president. When there’s a disagreement, they just kick them out. They have a no confidence vote, a new election, and they get a prime minister who agrees with the legislature. And, you know, the Europeans look at the system and they say, well, it passes one house, it doesn’t pass the other house. Sometimes the other house is in the control of a different party. It passes both. And then this president, who has a veto power, vetoes it. And they look at this and they say, oh, it is it is gridlock. And I hear Americans saying this nowadays, and there’s a lot of it going around. They talk about a dysfunctional government because there’s disagreement and they and the framers would have said, yes, that’s exactly the way we set it up. We wanted this to be power contradicting power because the main the main ill that beset us as as Hamilton said in the Federalist when he talked about a separate Senate, he said, yes, it seems inconvenient, but inasmuch as the main ill that besets us is an excess of legislation, it won’t be so bad. This is 1780, so he didn’t hold in excess of legislation was. So unless Americans can appreciate that and learn, learn to love the separation of powers, which means learning to love the gridlock which the framers believed would be the main protection of minorities, the main protection if a bill is about to pass, that really comes down hard on some minority. They think it’s terribly unfair. It doesn’t take much to throw a monkey wrench into into this into this complex system. So Americans should should appreciate that and they should learn to love the gridlock. It’s there for a reason so that the legislation that gets out will will be good legislation. Absolute genius. Now I play that for you, not only because it’s uplifting and it puts things in perspective. But out of a concern of a ruling today from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Louisiana. And it covers the case of Judge Doughty. The decision of Judge Downey. That was issued last week. And he put the brakes. And the most abusive violation of the First Amendment, the most abusive use of censorship. By the United States government in an American history. Exercised by Biden in the Democrat Party. And he gave chapter and verse in his decision. He said. The Government has used its power to silence the opposition. Opposition to COVID 19 vaccines, opposition of COVID 19, masking and lockdowns, opposition to the lab leak theory of COVID 19. Opposition to the validity of the 2020 election. Opposition to President Biden’s policies. Statements that the Hunter Biden laptop story was true and opposition to policies of government officials in power all were suppressed. It’s quite telling that each example or category of suppressed speech was conservative in nature. This targeted suppression of conservative ideas is a perfect example of viewpoint discrimination of political speech. American citizens have the right to engage in free debate about the significant issues affecting the country. The evidence produced thus far depicts an almost dystopian scenario. During the COVID 19 pandemic, a period perhaps best characterized by widespread doubt and uncertainty. The United States government seems to have assumed a role similar to an Orwellian Ministry of Truth. Mm hmm. The plaintiffs in this case have provided substantial evidence in support of their claims that they were the victims of a far reaching and widespread censorship campaign by their own government. And then this happens today. CBS News, A federal appeals court on Friday adds a panel of the court. This is 2 hours ago. Temporarily paused a lower court order that limited communications between top Biden administration officials and social media companies about content posted to their platforms. The three judge panel, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, granted the Justice Department’s request to put on hold the July four preliminary injunction from U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty. While legal proceedings continue, it also agreed to expedite that expedited the administration’s appeal. So the very administration, ladies and gentlemen. That committed act of violence against the First Amendment. Now it is a typical, not atypical, but typical. For a circuit court or panel? The court. To do this sort of thing. In a fairly regular case. But when you’re talking about. The most grave effort in American history. The silence, the citizenry. On issue after issue at issue. From one government to the other. Through social media and so forth. That’s not your typical case. And Scalia pointed out we can. I have the greatest constitution on the face of the earth. I have provided the Soviet Constitution three of my books. The relevant parts. But it’s not going to matter. Because, as John Adams said. Liberty without virtue is tyranny. I don’t know who these three judges are on this panel, but what they did this evening. Was it disgrace? I don’t know what they’ll ultimately do. But more to come. I’ve got more to discuss here. We’ll be right back.

Segment 2
So Justice Scalia explains that the key to our system is separation of powers. As Montesquieu explained, and as Montesquieu is quoted in the Federalist Papers. Separation of powers, three separate branches. And they went beyond that. They took the legislative branch and they broke that into two. They went beyond that. They protected the authority of states under the 10th Amendment. All kinds of checks on power. And this is. Incompatible. What the Democrat Party demands, it’s incompatible with American Marxism. It’s incompatible. But the desire to centralize government. And to impose conformity of ideas and views on the American people. That’s why this case, this censorship case. Is one of the most important cases in my lifetime. And yours. And why this federal district judge in Louisiana is a hero and why this circuit judge, the Fifth Circuit, this panel should have immediately backed him up rather than saying, we need to take a look at this now, this is this is monumental. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
I want to share something with you related to what I just discussed. I want to read something to you. Associate Professor Magda Stransky at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. Canada explains in her essay, Language and Totalitarian regimes. This is why the Biden administration, the Democrat Party. Are doing everything humanly possible now. To control speech. To control debate. To control words. This is why. Magna said. Totalitarian language and totalitarian regimes where totalitarianism promotes persuasion by means of altering people’s perception of reality. She also explains that communist regimes use the means of propaganda and mass deception based on a fiction. In other words, language is weaponized. To serve the purpose of a political party, a movement, an ideology and a regime. And in this case, the communists are not alone. Steroids notes that in practice, only a few people can be persuaded that black is white. But many learn to say that they do see things in prescribed colors and to call them by prescribed names. For example, not long ago I mentioned. I guess I gave it away, did I? This is from my book. It’s a Chapter five. Not long ago, Republican Senator Marco Rubio introduced an amendment to a bill, quote, that would have clarified for the purposes of maternal and infant related program resources that only women can be pregnant. It was defeated by the Senate Democrats. Did you know that? Or take the word socialist. Strunsky explains that while the word socialist became suspect, social lingers on became a fixed prefix to words such as justice, institution, policy, democracy. Solidarity. As if there were any instances of justice or democracy that were happening in a vacuum. Now, obviously, this authoritarian in practice that I point out now widely exists in the United States as the English language science. Knowledge experience, specific words are being redefined, banned, replaced, etc. to impose on the citizenry the beliefs, values and thought processes. The American Marxists and the Democrat Party. For example, academic freedom debate and the competition of ideas on college campuses, free speech and the exchange of information on Internet platforms. Entertainment from comedy in plays to television or movies. Biological and scientific knowledge about women. Men. Gender. Sex. Public school seminars and training. Classroom texts and learning. Bureaucratic edicts and regulations. Corporate Environmental. Social and governance. ESG Workplace. Diversity, equity and inclusion Dei Wokeness generally and more are all used to control the public and serve the ideological, political and economic purposes of the Democrat Party and its extremist base. You remember, Frederick Hayek was a great economist, but even more a philosopher. Let me put it this way. The most effective way of making everybody serve the single system of ends. To twist the social plan as directed is to make everybody believe in those ends. Although the beliefs must be chosen for the people and imposed upon them, they must become their beliefs, a generally accepted creed which makes the individuals as far as possible, acts spontaneously in the way the planner wanted. Richard Ebeling, professor of ethics and free enterprise leadership at the Citadel, explains. But it’s through our language that we think about ourselves, our relationships to others, and the social order surrounding us. Words do not merely delineate objects. Individuals events are actions. Words also create mental images, emotions, attitudes, beliefs. They colour how people see themselves and the world around them. And he writes about the totalitarian ization. Of words and ideas that could be seen at work in language of the progressive and radical left in America today. Indeed. Mikhail Heller, an author and scholar who was raised in the Soviet Union, explains language is the most important and the most powerful weapon in the hands of a state that has decided to transform human beings. The creation of a new language serves to aims to obtain, as George Orwell put it, an instrument with which to express the philosophy and thoughts that are permitted, and secondly, to make all other sorts of thinking impossible. The new language is consequently at once a means of communication and an instrument of oppression. The word conceals reality creates an illusion. A surrealist impression, but at the same time it preserves a link with reality and puts it into code. In the Soviet Union, Heller recounts, The Soviet language became the most important means of preventing people from acquiring more knowledge than the Communist state wished. Soviet speech lost its freedom, he said. Moreover, the official dictionaries were changed to reflect the Communist Party meaning of words. The same indoctrination tool is occurring. I write in the United States today, and the Democrat Party is at the foreground of this movement. National Public Radio, for example, recently reported, Dictionary.com has uploaded thousands of entries and added hundreds of words in its largest released to date. Reflection of the ways in which society this is. NPR and language have evolved even in just the past few months. The digital dictionary announced that it updated more than 15,000 entries and added 650 brand new terms. Many of the revisions deal with language related to identity and topics like race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, health and wellness. They said that a work of dictionary that’s the the dictionary company dictionary.com. The work of a dictionary is more than just adding new words. They said it’s an ongoing effort to ensure that how we define words reflects changes in language and life. Sir John Kelly, senior editor, Dictionary.com. He said our revisions are putting people in all their rich humanity first, and we’re extremely proud of that. And NPR added that some of the major site wide changes to existing entries have to do with race and ethnicity. They capitalizing the word black but not white in reference to people which the company says it is doing is a mark of respect and recognition that’s in line with capitalizing other cultures and ethnicities. Examples of entirely new terms in this category include Afro-Latino, Brownface, Filipina, x, white splain, Latin x and other dictionary y. Change replaces references to homosexual with gay gay man or gay women, and references to homosexual act homosexuality with gay sexual orientation. Company said these updates were informed by recommendations from the organization. Glad. And in fact, more than 50 entries is also refine the definitions for a number of other words related to LGBTQ identity, such as asexual, dead name, pride and themself. My right in repressive regimes. Repetition is also used to force the acceptance and even internalization of new words or words with newly created meanings. And language is used to identify and condemn enemies of the state. In other words, the public endures constant and unrelenting brainwashing and propaganda. This is just a tiny taste of this chapter. My editor said this was her favorite chapter. Chapter four actually Language control and thought control. Now, as we circle back, that’s why I’m so proud of this book. We can pick any issue we want today, and you’re going to understand the philosophy behind what’s being done to us, who’s doing it to us and why they’re doing it to us. And this, I believe, is the only book available that does that period. So all of these efforts, all of these things that are being done. Are things that totalitarian regimes do. And with the Biden administration coming full circle has been doing. All across the federal bureaucracy and imposing on social media sites some more difficult than others, as I believe Zuckerberg has no problem with it. It’s exactly what a totalitarian regime in communist China, a communist Cuba or any of these other countries have done and would do. And then there’s one other thing. Woodrow Wilson was one of the most successful. An accomplished racist in American history. And a so-called progressive Democrat. And more than that, as you’ll learn in the book. He insisted that the most effective. Swifties. Way. To change America. It’s through the judiciary. Top down. Not to waste your time with the public, but the elected branches of government. All that’s fine. Don’t ignore them. But judicial fiat is the best way to do this. And we’ve seen it in a number of the Trump cases, whether they be state and local judges, federal judges in Washington, D.C.. But today, we saw on a panel in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. When a federal judge had the guts to stand up to this totalitarianism. Which is very difficult to do, quite frankly, whether it’s in America or China or Cuba. It’s much more difficult to do even in America today. Where he puts everything out there in 150 page decision. Nothing’s hidden. We lays it all out, chapter and verse. This is the gravest threat to free speech in American history. The greatest censorship campaign by a government against its people in American history. And a three judge panel in the Fifth Circuit says, well, we’ll take a look at it. In the meantime, we’re lifting your injunction. We’re staying in. Which means what, Mr. Producer? The status quo. So the Biden administration is tonight free to do exactly what it did before. Interfere in the election. Put pressure on private companies. Promote propaganda. Censor truth. Use brainwash techniques. And the media out there saying it’s a victory for the Biden administration. A victory for the Biden administration. And this judge, this hapless judge in Louisiana. What way of overbought, you know, is a Trump appointee after all. I am proud that he’s a Trump appointee. I am proud. But he got on the bench by a vote of 98 to 0. If I’d been an Obama appointee, I would have been shocked. Because they don’t believe in free speech. Now. You know, I started with Scalia and the Constitution. Judge Doughty. And a brilliant decision that well, to go down in history. Standing up against a tyrannical regime. That’s ruling and lording over us right now. And the best of this circuit Court of appeals this panel could do is say, you know, we’re kind of busy. We’ll take a look at this when we have time. In the meantime, Judge, at the the district court level, we’re going to stay your temporary injunction. So go at it, boys. Go at it, Biden Go at it. Biden Administration Censor away. Threaten away. And they hero and this in addition to that judge. There’s a man I don’t know and I don’t know a lot about Elon Musk. If he hadn’t put his billions of dollars on the line or a bad investment. Twitter And he’s mocked for it on Drudge Report. He’s mocked for it. Mediocre, right? He’s mocked for it all over the place. This man put his money where his mouth is, and if he hadn’t done this, we wouldn’t know any of it. And hire those independent journalists. We wouldn’t have known any of it. Incredible, isn’t it, Mr. Brewster? If this sort of thing interests you. And it seems to we get a lot of people who say they love this. I hope so, because I don’t think you’re going to hear it anywhere else. But if you want what’s going to be a complete and comprehensive compilation of a discussion of this sort. Brings in philosophy, the Constitution, the rule of law, history, and what’s going on today, and explains that the Democrat Party hates America and is destroying America. Now I know you’re going to love my book. The Democrat Party hates America. And I know you’ll hop over Amazon.com and grab your preorders 40% off. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Another victory in the House under Kevin McCarthy’s leadership. That’s right. The defense author of authorization bill was passed and they pulled out all the Biden radical elements that have been undermining our defense. I want to get into that. We’ll be right back.

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